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Mustang 45th Celebration at Barber Motorsports Park

PicWhile you’re in Birmingham, Alabama, for the Mustang 45th Anniversary Celebration (April 16 – 19 at the Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama), there are certain to be a wide variety of things to see and occupy your time. Two things you certainly do not want to pass up are:

• THE Mustang 45th Anniversary Birthday Party hosted at the famed Ted’s Garage on Friday

• Steeda Autosport’s Special Mustang 45th Anniversary Event Promotion that is available only on-site at the track during all days of the event

Both are guaranteed to be worth your time and effort as opportunities like this – happen only once!

THE Mustang 45th Anniversary Party

Join Steeda Autosports, and the SVT Owners Association for the BAER Brakes Mustang 45th Birthday Party sponsored by Steeda! Hosted at the famed Ted’s Garage on Friday, April 17th from 6:00pm – 10:00pm, you will be able to enjoy the many Mustangs on display, watch classic Mustang movies, and have a delicious Southern Barbecue all for only just $20/person ($25 at the door). This is the Official Party for Mustang that you certainly do not want to miss. It only happens this night and is sponsored by Steeda.

For more information about THE Birthday Party during the 45th Celebration, go to for more information.  Note: Tickets must be purchased in advance for this birthday party so do not be left out – or else you will be sorry!

Steeda’s Mustang 45th Anniversary Special Event Promotion

Also – while you are at the 45th Celebration, make sure you check out the Steeda Q-500 included in the Tremec Transmission display. Once there, you can sign up for a special give-a-way that Steeda Autosports is having in honor of Mustang’s 45th Birthday and also receive a promotional coupon good for 10% of any part we manufacture and sell.

The Promotion

Steeda Autosports will be holding a drawing for a certificate for $2,000 of our Steeda Autosports Suspension upgrades. Be the lucky winner and transform your Mustang to one of the best handling Mustangs on the street or track.

Everyone that enters will be a certain winner with this drawing because your submission will automatically qualify you for a special Mustang 45th Anniversary Discount Coupon good for 10% off any Steeda part we manufacture and sell.

The Fine Print

No purchase required for the giveaway, just fill out the entry form available on-site completely and deposit it into the Steeda collection box. You do not need to be present to win, just see the difference that Steeda parts can make to your Mustang.

For more information about Mustang’s 45th Birthday Bash, or for information on how to join the premier Mustang Club – check out the Mustang Club of America’s website at

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Steeda – Your Source for Ford Racing Performance Parts

Ford RacingIn addition to our line of performance parts and accessories, Steeda Autosports is very proud to offer to the Ford performance enthusiast the complete line of Ford Racing Performance Parts and accessories. From brake kits, cylinder heads, driveshaft assemblies, to complete engines, our combined comprehensive product offerings provide the performance enthusiast a “one stop shop” to go to for a complete line of performance parts and accessories for your Ford vehicle.

Every part that is in the Ford Racing catalog can be purchased from us at very competitive pricing – plus– you have free access to our telephone performance advisors who can offer you professional assistance that can clear the confusion and ensure you get the right part for your vehicle and that it performs the way you intended it to. So there is no need to go anywhere else for your performance needs when Steeda has it all!

Check out the complete line of Ford Racing Performance partsin Ford Racing’s Catalog or on our website at Then, make sure you call the Steeda Sales & Support Advisors on 954-960-0774 who can review with you your performance needs and make sure you get your car performing just right.

Steeda Autosports and Ford RacingPartners in Performance


Enthusiast Spotlight: Chris Ihara /

As a devoted Mustang enthusiast, Chris Ihara is perhaps one of the most knowledgeable, diverse, and enthusiastic performance driving advocates in the industry today. Founder and Chief Editor of the extremely popular website:, his appreciation of performance driving ranges from racing his Steeda equipped 2000 Cobra Mustang racecar, running the famed “One Lap of America”, to chasing the “bad guys” in his day position with law enforcement. Chris Ihara is definitely living life in the fast lane – every day!

His great appreciation of speed and performance, seems to be genetic as his Grandfather made sure his Grandma was driving a ’65 GTO convertible, his mother fired up a ’66 GTO, and his uncle was flying the Ford colors proudly with a ’64 427 Ford AC Cobra (a REAL one!). With a performance foundation like that, it is of no surprise that in 1991 when it came time for him to get a car while in college – it had to be everyone’s favorite, a Mustang.

After much searching, he found a perfect candidate, a used ’87 Mustang GT (Midnight Shadow Blue with Titanium lower accents, T-tops, 60k miles) that was in excellent stock condition. The ‘Stang did not stay stock for long and it was just a short period of time until the engine received a few modifications and then Steeda subframe connectors were added to keep the chassis stiff. When extra “insurance” was needed to bring the ponies back under control a ’93 Cobra R brake kit (co-designed by Steeda) was adopted to the vehicle. Unfortunately the ’87 met its maker in 1999 when it was rear ended and totaled with over 190,000 miles of faithful highway, drag strip and road course service.

Still with the urge to keep riding the Mustang mount, Chris rounded up a brand new Laser Red ’99 Mustang GT that was a perfect candidate to quench his thirst for performance. Modified to his liking with a Steeda Tri-Ax shifter, Steeda camber caster plates, Steeda suspension braces, and other Steeda parts, the 4.6L 2V supercharged Mustang is planting down a solid 527 RWHP and is still his favorite sleeper ride to tool around in.

When it is time to go racing, Chris unloads his 2000 Mustang Cobra racecar, which is also equipped with a bevy of Steeda parts. From the mandatory Steeda Tri-Ax shifter, bump steer kit, to the famed Steeda 5-Link Suspension; Chris tells us that the 5-Link is THE main advantage he has over his competitors. He races at every available opportunity in the SCCA’s hotly contested American Sedan Series. In the car’s second year out he won the 2004 Regional Championship. Now, with free time a bit more scarce thanks to two jobs, he races when ever work schedules permit. Last year he entered 4 races and easily won 3 – not too bad for a “part time” racer with his Steeda equipped Mustang!

Chris’ other passion, the famed website:, began life as a hobby and a desire to further promote the Mustang brand and support others with the same passion. Originally started in April 1995 when a small website called “The SVO Pages” was about to shut down, Chris took it’s reins and launched Supported by a host of all volunteer moderators, and staff “The Corral,” as everyone calls it, has a truly rich amount of information and forum exchanges that make it one of the most popular Mustang web-sites on the web today! With over 3,000 new posts daily, 4 to 5 million views every month, and over 1 million annual visitors, the Corral is definitely one of the resource tools every Mustang enthusiast should visit for valuable Mustang information.

With a diverse background of Mustang performance vehicles and the support work he does with, Chris Ihara is both an advocate and supporter of the Mustang hobby. Steeda Autosports wants to congratulate Chris for his many contributions that benefit all Mustang owners around the globe and also for choosing Steeda for some of his key performance parts.

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