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Enthusiast Spotlight: Scott Boda

Scott Boda, Steeda Autosports’ Director of Manufacturing, is a natural for the Steeda Autosports Team because of his unquenchable desire for perfection and his “need for speed”. An employee of Steeda Autosports since 1999, and a die-hard performance aficionado, Scott has worked his way up the “hard way” and is a great representative for all Ford performance enthusiasts at Steeda.

With a keen automotive sense and diligent manufacturing abilities, Scott’s driving force and leadership is a true labor of love as he practices what he preaches – for the past 12 years he races as often as possible (currently in the NMRA True Street Class), testing a variety of both production and prototype Steeda parts in real-world race conditions with his built 1990 Mustang LX.

Born in Fairfield Connecticut, Scott migrated to Boca Raton Florida 22 years ago where he graduated from Boca Raton High School and attended Florida State University with a minor in the all-out pursuit of speed.

Scott has owned a wide variety of Ford performance vehicles over the years – some for longer than others. His first car was a beautiful and equally rare 1986 Mustang V6 with T-tops that he had for only 28 days…it seams as if his love affair with that car ended prematurely when it “inadvertently met it’s final fate when it was attracted to a ditch – or that is what he told everyone! In short order he substituted another ’86 Stang and to keep the adrenalin pumping, he adding many bolt-on parts to pump up the power. That pony was later sold and replaced with a white ’89 GT that also was subjected to many performance modifications and quarter mile trips. While attending FSU, Scott’s addiction to the drag racing sport increased when he purchased a used, red 1990 Mustang LX that he has now owned for the last 12 years. It is this pony that today is his weekend warrior and also a developmental ride he uses to test his skills as well as testing many new Steeda parts at dragstrips around the country.

Not satisfied with the stock power in his Mustang (who ever is!!!), Boda has seriously upgraded his mount over the years so that today when he races in the NMRA True Street Class he is a competitive threat that bears watching. Today his pony has the following modifications:


  • 438 cubic inch Dart Block
  • CP Pistons
  • Eagle Crank and Rods
  • TFS High Ports Stage III from Bennett Racing
  • Super Victor Spyder Intake EFI
  • Custom Solid Roller from Bennett Racing
  • Kooks 2” headers
  • Dr. Gas 3” X pipe
  • Mac 3” exhaust
  • 42lb injectors
  • Complete Aeromotive Fuel system
  • Nitrous Express Plate system (100hp)
  • NOS NOSsle direct port (200hp)


  • C4 Transmission from PA Racing


  • QA1 K-member
  • Steeda Coil overs
  • Steeda Camber Plates
  • Steeda Bump steer kit
  • Flaming River rack
  • Steeda Tokico 5 way Drag Struts
  • Steeda Power slot rotors
  • Steeda Hawk Brake pads
  • Steeda Caliber guide sleeves
  • Steeda Double adjustable uppers
  • Steeda Weight jacker lowers
  • Steeda Street anti roll bar
  • 3.73 Ford Racing gears
  • Lakewood 50/50 shocks


  • Nitto 325/50/15 Drag Radials

At the recent NMRA opening event in Bradenton Florida, Scott, testing a new suspension settings that were set to bury the power directly to the asphalt, was able to bang the fastest 60’ time in his class – a smoking 1.323 beating all 106 other competitors in his class in the critical launch phase of the race – a true indication that his ride is really hooking up and launching hard. His mildly prepared 702 hp engine was able to propel him to the traps in 9.16 seconds at 147mph – not bad for a former grocery getter Mustang that is his “baby” today! In subsequent testing, Scott has been able to improve his time to a personal best of 9.07 – a very respectable time for the class he in in.

In addition to driving a car straight down the quarter mile, Scott also has done his fair share of time taking corners in the past in the SCCA Solo Autocross Series. So he knows quite a bit about overall vehicle handling and performance. Call it a “Balance of Power”: Blasting down the quarter mile or throwing himself around corners at blazing speeds, Scott Boda, Steeda’s Director of Manufacturing, combines both work and pleasure in the pursuit of life in the fast lane!

If drag racing sounds interesting to you as a spectator or as a participant, Scott highly recommends checking out all of the great NMRA Drag Racing events at:

SteedaSpeed Matters


Sneak Peak – 2010 Steeda Q-Series Mustang

Sneak PeakAt Steeda Autosports we never rush to bring anything to market for the sake of being “first” – unlike others, we save all of the “firsts” for the race track and for the dragstrip!

If there is one thing we have learned over time is that it pays to do your homework by doing extensive design and engineering analysis, exhaustive studies, and intricate computer simulations so that the end result is simply the very best it possibly can be. Only then can we guarantee to our customers that when they order a Steeda part or purchase one of our serialized performance vehicles, that they will always get the very best product available. We never compromise or take shortcuts – the founder of Steeda Autosports, Dario Orlando, wouldn’t have it any other way!

A prime example of this is our version of the 2010 Mustang. The Skunkworks Team at Steeda Autosports has been working on the next iteration of the famous Steeda Q-Series diligently since 2008, and rest assured, that the 2010 Steeda Q is guaranteed to be the best Steeda performance vehicle ever to hit the asphalt. As part of this continuing evolution of Mustang performance, it was imperative that we first listened to what our customers had to say about what THEY want in a performance vehicle, how THEY wanted the vehicle to perform, and how THEY want their vehicle to look. Only after listening did we initiate our formal developmental process that will lay the groundwork for something really great.

You can rest assured that your Steeda serialized vehicle and it’s performance parts are being created by us “with no compromises” under our very strict Quality Management System (QMS) that is fully registered and certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This strict and very prestigious ISO 9001-2000 Certification is your guarantee that only the highest quality levels are integrated into every vehicle we serialize.

The end result: We are incorporating numerous significant engineering enhancements that will further improve the vehicle’s ability to perform under the most demanding and harshest road and track driving conditions. Improvements will be made that will allow the vehicle’s platform to be taken to a much higher level of performance functionality, we are dramatically improving the vehicle’s co-efficient of drag, and we have adopted an exterior design appearance that is guaranteed to take your breath away and yet remain faithful to our trademarked DNA.

The entire Team at Steeda Autosports takes great pride in designing, engineering, and manufacturing our products with the single goal of providing you with the highest quality, race proven and track tested vehicle available anywhere. When you buy any product from us, we encourage you to compare it, as we do, to competitive products for design, engineering, fit, finish, and performance. We believe that by doing this, you will further appreciate the Steeda difference that separates us from all others. Made in the United States of America by performance enthusiasts for performance enthusiasts – there is simply nothing better you can buy!

Look for additional details about the 2010 Steeda Q in the near future…

Steeda – More Victories, Records, and Championships than ALL of our competitors combined. More than Shelby, Roush, and Saleen COMBINED!


Steeda Prizes & Raffles at Mustang 45th Anniversary Celebration

At the Mustang 45th Anniversary Celebration (April 16 – 19 at the Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama) make sure you stop by and visit the Steeda Q-500 included in the Tremec Transmission display. Once there, you can sign up for a special give-a-way that Steeda Autosports is having in honor of Mustang’s 45th Birthday and also receive a promotional coupon good for 10% of any part we manufacture and sell.

The Facts

Steeda Autosports will be holding a drawing for a certificate for $2,000 of our Steeda Autosports Suspension upgrades. Be the lucky winner and transform your Mustang to one of the best handling Mustangs on the street or track.

Everyone that enters will be a certain winner with this drawing because your submission will automatically qualify you for a special Mustang 45th Anniversary Discount Coupon good for 10% off any Steeda part we manufacture and sell.

The Fine Print

No purchase required for the giveaway, just fill out the entry form available on-site completely and deposit it into the Steeda collection box. You do not need to be present to win, just see the difference that Steeda parts can make to your Mustang.

For more information about Mustang’s 45th Birthday Bash, or for information on how to join the premier Mustang Club – check out the Mustang Club of America’s website at

SteedaSpeed Matters !


Steeda in The News

Make sure you always visit your local newsstand for copies of various automotive magazines or subscribe to these great publications so you never miss a beat of what is happening in the Ford performance world. Recently, two great publications (5.0 Mustangs & Super Fords and Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords) each had informative and non-biased articles about Steeda Autosports and the vehicles/products we manufacture. With their extensive automotive evaluation experience and their commitment to their readership to report on a factual basis the latest and greatest in the Ford performance world, both magazines had nothing short of rave reviews about what Steeda Autosports delivers to you the Mustang performance enthusiast.

5.0 Mustang & Super Fords

The May 2009 edition of 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords has an update on PROJECT Vapor Trail – Editor Steve Turner’s latest performance modifications to his 2008 GT500 project vehicle. This time the pony gets a major suspension makeover that completely transforms it’s handling and ride to a level that completely impressed the editor.

The article includes step-by-step illustrations of the the suspension modifications including installation of the Steeda Coilover and Watt’s Link suspension components. Steve Turner provides some non-biased commentary that clearly demonstrates the superiority of the Steeda parts superiority over the competition with comments like:

“Project Vapor Trail carves corners, the front end feels lighter, the rearend is locked down, and most important of all, it rides better than you could ever imagine for a slammed S197 on 20s”

“Of course, the parts list was a bit more involved than just coilovers, but the end result was flat out astounding”

“After some rigorous research I fancied Steeda’s adjustable suspension system for the GT500. Not only does the system allow you to tweak the ride height to your liking, but coilovers, by nature, allow you to cherry-pick your spring rate for its intended use.”

Check out the full article online at 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords website.

Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords

The March, 2009 edition of Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords had a six page evaluation on the aggressive Steeda Q500. Written by Associate Editor Steve Baur, this article titled “Storm Surge” is an outstanding documentary on the supercharged pony that simply leaves the competition in its dust. Steve tested and thrashed the Q500 over a few weeks to make sure he had ample time to give it a comprehensive evaluation over many different driving scenarios and conditions. From daily driving to work, trips down the quarter mile, or on an autocross course – he was blown away with its performance and value. Some of his comments included:

“For the money, you simply can’t ignore the Q500 as a performance-per-dollar bargain……it’s the complete package that rocks the competition.”

“Behind the wheel, we enjoyed the short-throw Tri-Ax shifter. It has to be one of the best we’ve tested for the S197 Mustangs.”

” …it’s those high-speed corners at Sebring where you’ll most appreciate Steeda’s full compliment of suspension components.”

Check out the full article online at Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords website.