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9-11 Tribute Run 2008

Steeda Autosports was proud to once again support the 9-11 Tribute Run 2008 this past September. This Mustang only event, held to commemorate the Fallen Heroes of the September 11, attack seven years ago, is hosted and coordinated by the High Performance Mustang Community for South Florida whose members all share a passion for Mustang and for this very worthy cause.

Held at the Holiday Isle, Islamorada in the Florida Keys, this year’s event drew even more people than before and was a huge success in raising funds to benefit the September 11th Families Association (, an organization that raises money for the children of those who died in the attacks. Mustang Clubs from West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami worked hard once again this year to make the event a rousing success.

About South Florida Stangs

South Florida Stangs is “The High Performance Mustang Community for South Florida”. They are an automotive enthusiast club of over 2,000 members who all drive, own and/or share a passion for the Ford Mustang. South Florida Stangs is proud to be the original South Florida Mustang Club and they welcome you to visit South Florida Stangs online at or email us for more information about The South Florida Stangs – Mustang Club.

Steeda Autosports salutes the membership for supporting this worthy cause over the years.


9th Annual Steeda Stampede – Date Change – November 1st!

StampedeThe Steeda Stampede for 2008 will occur as hundreds of Ford Performance vehicles all converge at Steeda’s World Headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida for an exclusive event.

On Saturday, November 1, 2008 the non-stop excitement will begin at 9:00 and will continue to 3:00 and will feature a wide array of activities – there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

The annual Steeda Stampede is a favored event every year and will include campus tours and tech seminars conducted by Steeda President, Dario Orlando and the performance gurus at Steeda Autosports . See for yourself how the world’s largest Ford performance parts manufacturer transforms raw materials into a variety of precision performance parts that are uniquely Steeda.

On display for all to see will be the all new Steeda Q650R – the ultimate all-out performance Mustang that the speed freaks at Steeda created to be the test bed for further testing and refinement of our performance products.

There will be car shows where the competition is guaranteed to be fierce for the various Steeda Best of Show Awards and “Frank’s Garage” will be offering special one time only pricing on a variety of performance and take off parts and accessories at extra special Stampede prices.

Lunch time will feature a great barbeque lunch where you can relax and recharge your batteries and mingle with other performance enthusiasts and talk serious performance.

Mark your calendars – November 1st – the Steeda Stampede!


Steeda Racing Update

John Urist Clinches the NMRA 2008 National Championship

In the last race of the 2008 NMRA Drag Racing season in Bowling Green, John Urist driving his Steeda sponsored pony proved that he has the winning combination with Steeda as he claimed yet another victory, a new class record, and another season championship in the wild NMRA Super Street Outlaw class.

In the quarter final round, John spanked the competition by breaking into the 7.30 barrier with a 7.361 @ 191.48. Proving that his ride is not just a one shot wonder, in the finals as the green light came alive, John blasted out of hole with a .039 reaction time and raced to a 7.521 @ 185 mph in the finals – clinching the hotly contested 2008 NMRA Super Street Outlaw Championship.

Congratulations John on setting a new class record and for winning your 3rd consecutive and 4th overall National Championship this season!

Chris Parsi 2008 True Street Track Champion

Chris Parsi shows he has what it takes, by earning the 2008 True Street Track Championship for Gainesville Raceway with a come from behind victory. Piloting what is his daily driver – a Steeda equipped V6 pony, Chris was able to show tremendous consistency that his Steeda can deliver by posting a final ET within .001 seconds of his dialed in time of 15.491 in the final round. Proof that even a V6 powered Steeda can deliver excitement and class victories!

At the recently concluded NHRA Division II Finals in Atlanta, Chris was killing the tree with blistering .001 and .002 reaction times. Winning his first round, he broke out on the second round by a mere 0.02 – resulting in a disappointing second place finish. The Steeda faithful can rest assured that while Chris may have lost this race, he still is the Gainesville Champion and will be ready to defend that honor next season.

Congratulations Chris !

Robin Burnett: NASA American Iron National Champion

At the NASA’s National Championship Series at the fabulous Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, The Burnett Racing Team’s Steeda Mustangs once again showed the competition that Steeda is the force to beat in the NASA American Iron class.

Both Friday and Saturday qualifying races were rain soaked from what was left of Hurricane Ike, but Steeda had its own hurricane in central Ohio, young 17-year-old driver Rusty Ferguson. Rusty took both poles in the rainy conditions by showing both his skill and the prowess of his Burnett Racing Steeda Mustang.

Conditions for Sundays big race were beautiful with cool temperatures and sunny blue skies – perfect for the Steeda Q-Series of Mustangs to show what they are made of. After the green flag was dropped, in short order, Robin Burnett in his red Steeda #21 captured the lead and Chris DeSalvo in his pony fought through the field to take a position immediately behind Robin. The race would continue around the and when it was over, the Steeda Mustangs finished in the top two podium positions with Robin Burnett in first and Chris DeSalvo finishing a close second. With this victory, Robin won his 3rd consecutive Nationals podium and his first National Championship in American Iron.

Congratulations to Robin Burnett and the entire Burnett Racing Team !

James Ray, Taylor Ray, and Jim Edwards: The Race for NASA Southeast Champions

The cards are stacked for a potential 1-2-3 finish for Steeda Mustangs in the NASA Southeast race series. All season long James Ray, his son Taylor, and Jim Edwards have been carrying the Steeda banner to various tracks in pursuit of a 1-2-3 Regional series championship. Recently at NASCAR’s historic Rockingham Speedway (aka: “THE ROCK”) with a road course that featured stints on both the high banked oval as well as the infield road course, the track was exceptionally challenging but proved to be no match for the Steeda prepared cars that were there to defend the Steeda honor.

And defend they did. With one more event for the season in the NASA Southeast competition, (Road Atlanta, December 6-7) James has already clinched the Championship this season. With his two recent wins at the ROCK, James’ 2007 Steeda Q-400+ proved to be too much for the competition in the highly competitive TTS Class Championship. His is the only Mustang in a class of 18 cars which include a variety of Corvette Z06’s, Panoz Racers, BMWs, and fully stripped-out turbocharged Rice Rockets!

Not to be overshadowed, Taylor Ray and Jim Edwards found themselves in the envious position of being in a very tight challenge of making it possible for a 1-2-3 Steeda podium for the season. Taylor, in his 2001 Steeda GT is all but a TTC podium finish for the season, but which position? We’ll have to wait until Road Atlanta to find out.

Jim Edwards in his ’03 Steeda Cobra is making-up ground in a hurry in TTA.
Jim got a late start on the season, but with a good finish at Road Atlanta, could see a podium finish for the 2008 season as well.

To quote James Ray: “We are having a ball driving Steeda Mustangs and leaving the competition behind us!”.

Congratulations to James Ray, Taylor Ray, and Jim Edwards !


Steeda Fuel Economy Paks – More Power, Less Fuel

Fuel Economy…Performance – Why can’t I have both? Rest assured – Steeda Listens and now you can have both!

Many people that we have talked to recently have been complaining about the high cost of fuel these days – and everyone at Steeda has been feeling the same “pinch at the pump” as the next guy. The Steeda Engineering Team recently turned their creative resources towards addressing this concern and has come up with a viable solution that makes sense in this in these periods of high fuel costs we all are experiencing . Our new Fuel Economy Paks for the Mustang GT are the perfect combination for the individual that wants both performance and increased fuel economy at their choosing. Extensive in-house testing has shown these packages to be a great fuel saving combination. Our test vehicles gained between 2.5 to 4.5 miles per gallon depending on speed and driving conditions we subjected them to when compared to a stock Mustang GT.

Our secrets? Our fuel economy packages contain Steeda’s long proven underdrive pulley system along, our new Petron Plus Formula 7 friction reducer, and our Industry Leading Cold Air Intake. The combination of friction reduction, rotating mass reduction, accessory load reduction, and improved airflow has proved to be very effective at increasing one’s gas mileage. Not to mention also increasing your available horsepower and torque.

Steeda Underdrive Pulleys

We are the industry leader in underdrive pulley design for the Ford 4.6L engine and the first aftermarket company to achieve full SFI approval of our designs. Our underdrive pulleys are the only pulleys engineered through our unique partnership in Ford Motor Company’s Technology Transfer Program to have the proper torsional vibration dampening characteristics for your 4.6L engine. No other manufacturer can make this claim!

Don’t be fooled by other manufacturer’s and their “state of the art” process claims…Only Steeda uses the latest technology directly from O.E. sources to manufacture our pulleys under strict ISO/TS16949, QS-9000 & ISO 9001 standards. Our crank pulley is a one-piece nodular iron, injection molded rubber design. Not a cheap “piggyback” design like many of our competitors use. Special rubber materials were chosen for their ability to absorb the torsional vibrations and their ability to withstand extreme underhood temperatures and stresses. Specifically engineered to slow down accessory speed by about 25% – the result is a great reduction of parasitic accessory drag on the engine.

Petron Plus Formula 7 Friction Reducer

Steeda’s Petron Plus Formula 7 protects by impregnating metal at contact and wear points to tremendously reduce friction and wear at those points. The products perform well at any temperature, but work best at higher temperatures generated by machinery operation or friction. The penetrating formula does not easily burn, wash, or wear away. Extensive testing have shown that Petron Plus Formula 7 Friction reducer exceeds the performance of all competitors and significantly enhances performance characteristics of high-quality base motor oils and gear oils.

When used as directed, Steeda’s Petron Plus Formula 7 Friction Reducer helps to

  • Helps to decrease energy or fuel required for normal engine operation
  • Helps to increase horsepower and performance output, even under high load, high performance demands
  • Helps to decrease operating temperatures
  • Helps to keep lubricant contamination in suspension, thereby increasing lubricant life
  • Helps increase the ability of base lubricants to prevent rust and corrosion, resist oxidation
  • Helps to increase overall efficiency

Steeda Cold Air Intakes

The theory behind performance Cold Air Intakes is to let your engine breathe better by allowing for a less restrictive flow of cooler air into your engine – thereby improving your engine’s overall performance level. But what most people do not realize is that while fundamentality most Cold Air Intakes may all look somewhat alike, in practicality there are HUGE DIFFERENCES in their actual on-car performance capabilities at different engine speeds. Rest assured that all Steeda Cold Air Intakes are extensively engineered with the latest computer simulation systems, and then exhaustively tested in real world high performance conditions on the dyno, street, racetrack, and dragstrip to be the best you can buy for your Ford performance vehicle.

When your engine breathes easier, the result is an increase in not only performance, but also less drag on your engine to flow air into its combustion chambers. Less restriction + less drag = increased efficiency and increased fuel economy!

You can purchase the Steeda’s Fuel Economy Paks in the following levels

Level 1 – Purchase the Steeda Petron Plus Friction Reducer and reduce your engines internal friction

Level 2 – Add an underdrive pulley system to your car’s engine and greatly reduce parasitic accessory drag

Level 3 – Top it off with the best Cold Air Intake and greatly improve your engines ability to breathe

Start enjoying better performance and gas mileage today! Get the fuel economy you desire and enjoy the benefits of increased horsepower and torque when you want it with the Steeda Fuel Economy Paks !

Steeda – Where Speed Matters!