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Steeda Certified GT500 Dominates in Performance & Handling

The Steeda certified GT500 – created by the performance gurus at Steeda Autosports adds the extra snarl and road bite needed to make the GT500 worthy of the Steeda name. With brute performance that is anything but brutish, the Steeda certified GT500 takes performance to the highest level possible, yet maintains full drivability and road comfort resulting in the world’s most captivating GT500 available anywhere. There is no doubt that even the “old man” would be envious of this transformed pony !

In it’s base form, the Steeda certified GT500 delivers the thunderous power of up to 560 hp to the rear wheels – instant power that is available throughout the entire rpm range. In addition, the re-crafted vehicle’s suspension dynamics delivers a ride and with road gripping tenacity that is simply unbeatable today. With it’s suspension dynamics tuned to the specific weight bias of the GT500, and with ALL of the Steeda advanced components performing in perfect harmony together, the results are simply amazing. Something you would only expect from the performance experts at Steeda Autosports!

Not satisfied with 560 RWHP and want even more power ?

How about 750 RWHP ?

For those power hungry GT500 owners that want to have even more horsepower you can count on Steeda to provide the ultimate solution…..we can swap out the standard blower and replace it with the our Steeda/Whipple 3.4L supercharger and our unique power tune to deliver to you over 750 horsepower to the rear wheels. The Steeda/Whipple Gen II Supercharger system, the most efficient supercharger system available in the market today, transforms the GT500 into a vehicle that delivers the most industry leading performance available! With maximum performance and unbelievable drivability at all RPMs and under all conditions – other forced induction alternatives do not even come close to matching our combined performance output.

Other aftermarket companies may make claims, but the Steeda/Whipple supercharger is the most efficient means of dramatic power increases on today’s modern engines. With unique 3/5 rotor profile, it flows more air at lower temperatures and drastically lower parasitic drag that results in the most powerful and efficient package available today when combined with our unique calibration.

Massive amounts of horsepower and torque are wasted when you have extreme wheelspin. The normal suspension system on the GT500 simply cannot hook up enough to transfer the power to the pavement. Again, with the experience and the advanced suspension dynamics Steeda has developed, we are able to custom tune the vehicles suspension dynamics to the power level of your vehicle so that the maximum amount of power is not being wasted.

Call Steeda Autosports today and talk to one of our highly trained and experienced Sales Professionals who can discuss your specific power requirements and provide the Steeda solution for your driving needs.

Click here for more information about the Steeda certified GT500

SteedaWhere Speed Matters


Announcing The 9th Annual Steeda Stampede

Steeda Autosports will host it’s 9th annual Steeda Stampede on October 18th beginning at it’s Pompano Beach World Headquarters. Considered by many to be one of the largest consumer gatherings of Ford Performance vehicles in the country, this year’s event is guaranteed to be even bigger and better with more cars, more enthusiasts, and more exciting news and track time for everyone.

Date: Saturday, October 18, 2008
Location: Steeda Autosports WHQ, Pompano Beach, Florida
Time: Starting at 9:00 am
Event: The 9th Annual Steeda Stampede

Saturday morning activities will include campus tours and tech seminars conducted by Steeda President, Dario Orlando and the speed gurus at Steeda Autosports. Talk to them about your vehicle, potential performance upgrades, and any technical problems you may have. And get honest advice and feedback. See for yourself how the world’s largest Ford performance parts manufacturer transforms raw materials into a variety of precision performance parts that are uniquely Steeda.

There will be car shows where the competition is guaranteed to be fierce for the Annual Steeda Best Engineered Award and the Steeda Best of Show Award and “Frank’s Garage” will be offering special one time only pricing on a variety of performance and take off parts and accessories.

All Stampede attendees will be able to see a special vehicle reveal where, for the first time, we will showcase a new performance vehicle we have been working very closely with Ford Motor Company. It’s official public debut will be at the 2008 SEMA Show a few weeks later in the Ford Motor Company display, but those attending will see it here – first !

Later in the afternoon, the Stampede will shift gears as all performance vehicles will head to the all new Moroso Motorsports Park. With a complete makeover, Morosso Motorsports Park will provide two really great days where enthusiasts will be able to test their cars on the ¼ Mile Dragstrip and the all new road course.

Attend the Steeda Stampede – and see for yourself the Steeda Difference!


Getting To Know Steeda Wheels

It is no secret that upgrading your vehicle’s wheels is one of the simplest ways to change the look of your car and also to improve its road manners. However the wheel marketplace can be very confusing today as to what is the choice one should make, as there are literally thousands of options available to consumers today and even thousands more opinions from others on what to buy. At Steeda Autosports, we take the guesswork out of the process by producing a comprehensive line of wheels that are designed and manufactured under the highest engineering and manufacturing standards today. When combined with our performance tire selections from Nitto, you are guaranteed the best wheel and tire combinations available today – PERIOD!

We do not take our wheels and tires lightly at Steeda. Not only does the wheel have to look “just right” – but it must perform, and perform like no other. The key Steeda difference is that our wheels are specifically designed, engineered, and manufactured for a specific intent and for a specific vehicle using 3d CAD software and analyzed with FEA software. Key factors we look at in our wheel designing /engineering process include (but are not limited to):

  • Correct wheel/hub offsets
  • Clearance for OEM and most aftermarket brake kits
  • Brake clip clearances
  • Optimized weight and strength with optimized pocketing design
  • Brake cooling optimized for operation under harsh race conditions

Realizing that weight is the enemy of speed and handling, we use some of the finest materials in our wheels (A356.2 grade Aluminum), and then low pressure cast them for increased strength and reduced weight. Many others gravity cast their wheels – a far cheaper process that adds weight and result in a weaker wheel. After being cast, our wheels are heat-treating to 82.5 Rockwell E and then precision CNC machined with CAD/CAM software before receiving a specialized coating under a German Wagner paint line.

Next our wheel designs are then thoroughly tested for both track and street use under a variety of industry and proprietary testing techniques that includes (but are not limited to):

  • 13 degree impact resistance
  • 30 degree impact resistance
  • Cornering fatigue
  • Radial fatigue
  • X-ray inspection
  • Air leak inspection
  • Rockwell hardness

The end result – wheels that are made under some of the highest standards and are certified for use under the most aggressive street, track, dragstrip conditions you will experience. All of our wheels are produced under strict certifications / standards including: ISO9001, ISO 7141, QS9000, TS16949, JWL, TUV, and the US Department of Transportation (DOT).

Once you get your wheels, then you must have the best tires on the market to complete your performance package. We have tested all of the high performance brands in the market today, and recommend only Nitto tires for those that want the best performance for their vehicle. Check with your Steeda Sales Professional for their recommendation of the specific Nitto tires for your purpose.

Steeda wheels + Nitto tires = maximum performance !

Steeda Autosports is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Global Manufacturer of Ford performance products and the largest manufacturer of high performance components for Ford vehicles in the World.