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John Urist Joins Team Steeda

Three time NMRA National Champion and World Street Challenge Champion John Urist has joined the Steeda Autosports racing stable. Racing in the wild NMRA Super Street Outlaw class, John is now flying the Steeda colors on his 1993 Mustang LX Coupe. Powered with a 420 CID Windsor engine with over 35 PSI of hard charging forced induction, John’s Mustang puts out an estimated 2000 horsepower…..enough gallop power to propel his pony down the quarter mile in 7.40 seconds at over 193 miles per hour.

“With the outstanding relationship I have with NITTO Tires, it was only natural that I should align myself with the world leader in Ford performance – Steeda Autosports”, commented John. “They are the largest manufacturer of Ford performance equipment in the World and really know what performance is about, it is in their DNA”.

Currently in first place in the Super Street Outlaw class, John is looking for his new relationship with Steeda Autosports to propel him to his 3rd consecutive and 4th overall National Championship this season.

Glen Vitale, Steeda’s Vice President of Operations adds, “John Urist is an outstanding competitor in NMRA drag racing and we are looking forward to this relationship to reap huge rewards as we work with John on future projects here at Steeda. It is only inevitable that this relationship will further accelerate our development of Steeda’s hardcore drag racing parts as well as further refinement of turbocharger and drag racing suspension systems.”

The very first race John participated in after joining forces with Steeda Autosports just happened to be the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing (July 17-20, 2008) in Joliet, Illinois. Nothing like starting in a big way – John finished 1st – outrunning everyone in the Super Street Outlaw class and adding yet another victory to the long list of Steeda’s accomplishments.

Congratulations John, and welcome to the Steeda Team!

Steeda – Where Speed Matters


Steeda Racing Updates

Check in on a few of the “weekend warriors” that rely on Steeda performance parts when they hit the track or the dragstrip. Further examples why racing is so important to everyone at Steeda……It is the proving ground where we test the latest performance products for you – our customer. Steeda‘s products are designed and engineered to be the very best possible, to offer uncompromising performance, and to exceed your every expectation.

Tom Ellis & Steeda Score BIG !

Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis driving his Steeda prepared Mustang finds himself in the inevitable position of is currently leading the points in the Southeast Division of the SCCA for the National Title of the American Sedan class. This season has been an especially good one for Tom and his Steeda pony – having set another new track record, this time at the famed at Daytona International Raceway.

In his last race at the Double National at Roebling Road, Tom continued his torrid winning pace this season by capturing the pole position not once, but twice for each of the races that weekend, and then he went on to win each race far out performing all other competitors.

In his next race at Carolina Motorsports Park, Tom is hoping for yet another win to lock up the his series championship for the 2008 season as a prelude to hopefully clinch the National SCCA Championship in the Topeka, Kansas series.

Tom’s #51 Steeda Mustang continues to be the car to beat as it always seems to outshine the competition with it’s superior handling and performance.

We congratulate Tom Elliis, on his outstanding success in his Steeda Mustang.

Burnett Racing Continues to Dominate

Robin Burnett

At the NASA Mid-Ohio Series (July 12-13, 2008) the Burnett Racing Team and their Steeda Mustangs continued their winning ways at a rain soaked NASA event. Even extreme weather would not prevent young hot shoe Rusty Ferguson from taking the American Iron Extreme (AIXextreme ) win on Saturday with Elliot Fisher in 2nd, in another Burnett Racing Steeda Mustang. Two drivers, and a 1 -2 podium finish for Steeda. This is an especially great achievement when you consider that the Steeda cars were American Iron class vehicles racing other cars that were competing against American Iron Extreme class. Even with more horsepower provided to the other vehicles by nature of their class specifications, the other cars could not beat the Burnett / Steeda Racing Team!

On Sunday, with clear blue skies over the challenging Mid-Ohio track, team leader Robin Burnett in his race was able to capture the pole position and then turn back all other competitors as he went on to drive away with another American Iron win in his #21 Steeda Mustang.

Congratulations to the Burnett / Steeda Racing Team as they continue to outperform and tear up the competition again this season!

Jim Breese Launches an Attack

Jim Breese

So far this drag racing season Jim Breese has taken his Steeda pony to the finals 3 out of 4 races this year. Currently positioned second in the overall point competition and hard charging for that #1 position in points, Jim has re-dialed in his car for the NMRA mid-season rule change that provided him a 100 pound weight disadvantage compared to non-modular engine powered cars, and is more than ready to defend his honor at the next NMRA event is in two weeks in Atco, New Jersey.

Jim is a fierce competitor in the NMRA drag racing circuit with his Steeda equipped Mustang and will be going all out to win. With his strong winning desire combined with his keen sense and lightning quick reflexes, look for Jim to be a definite threat to all other competitors for the remainder of the season at the dragstrip.

Steeda – More Wins, More Records, and More Championships with production based Mustangs than all competitors combined. More than Roush, Shelby, and Saleen combined!


Steeda Equipped Mustangs Take Top Three at KONI Challenge

The superiority of Steeda Autosports parts were once again proven at the KONI Challenge Series on July 20th at Barber Motorsports Park. Steeda equipped Mustangs filled the podium with a brilliant 1-2-3 podium finish against a field of BMWs, Porsches, and other race prepared Mustangs in this hotly contested and very popular series.

All top three Mustangs were equipped with the Steeda rear wing (p/n 307-0009) that is specifically engineered for the S197 Mustang unique vehicle aerodynamics – this same rear wing is available for you to buy for your Mustang today!

Strategically placed into the airstream, at speed this spoiler creates significant down-force that not only enhances vehicle handling and traction, but also overall vehicle performance. Modeled after an actual inverted airplane wing, this wing has been thoroughly wind tunnel tested and is designed specifically for the 2005-2009 Mustang — It is this same wing that is standard equipment on EVERY Steeda Q-Series Mustang we build.

The Steeda Team usually does not like to brag too much – but they can’t resist to tell you that this spoiler is so good, it is used by virtually every race Mustang in the KONI Challenge Series – even Jack Roush Jr.’s Mustang that placed 3rd in this race, was equipped with the same Steeda Autosports spoiler.

If our competition has resorted to using Steeda Autosport parts because they are so good – you should too!

Remember: Talk is cheap – decals mean nothing – only winning and breaking records count! If you want the most innovative and the best quality race proven parts you have only one choice – Steeda !

Steeda Autosports is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Global Manufacturer of Ford performance products and the largest manufacturer of high performance components for Ford vehicles in the World.


Steeda/Whipple Superchargers Outperform All Others

If you want maximum horsepower and performance, then the Steeda/Whipple Gen II Supercharger system, the most efficient supercharger system available in the market today, is your ticket to “Life in the Fast Lane”. When combined with the all new and industry leading Steeda Adaptive Performance Calibration the result is the BEST performance powertrain available for Ford performance enthusiasts today – period! With maximum performance and unbelievable drivability at all RPMs under all conditions – other forced induction alternatives do not even come close to matching their combined performance output.

Other aftermarket companies may make claims, but the Steeda/Whipple supercharger is the most efficient means of dramatic power increases on today’s modern engines. With unique 3/5 rotor profile, it flows more air at lower temperatures and drastically lower parasitic drag that results in the most powerful and efficient package available today.

No other positive displacement supercharger compares to the potential airflow at such a lower compressor rpm. The Whipple Generation II rotor profile has risen the performance bar again, with increased flow across the board, yet the identical rotor diameter and length, allowing even better packaging.

The following chart is an actual flow test of the Eaton/Roush TVS2300 supercharger .vs the Steeda/Whipple Gen II (140ax) supercharges. As you can see by this unaltered data, the Steeda/Whipple supercharger outperforms the Eaton/Roush blower at every speed. Additionally, the superiority of the Steeda/Whipple blower increases as the pressure increases. So if you want the best supercharger with the maximum horsepower, maximum efficiency, and maximum performance – this is the package you need!

Key Points

  • Whisper quiet operation, zero increase in idle noise (Eaton and other positive displacement blowers all have gear rattle at idle)
  • Generation II rotor profile increased volumetric efficiency to an average of 95-99% throughout the engines operating range (1.4-2.4psi), giving peak boost levels and maximum power throughout the rpm range
  • More air at lower blower speeds mean increased torque, dramatically increased throttle response for pure customer satisfaction
  • Increased volumetric efficiency allows lower blower speeds for decreased power consumption and lower discharge temps, which equals more power across the rpm range
  • Increased rotor sealing for less back leakage from high boost levels, which equals lower discharge temps
  • @ 8.7psi, with the Eaton TVS 2300 turning 14,000rpm, W140ax requires 15kw less power to equal the same flow.
  • @ 8.7psi,with the Eaton TVS 2300 turning 14,000rpm, W140ax produces 20deg C lower discharge temps for far greater power potential.
  • As compressor speed increases, Whipple 140ax continues to pull away from Eaton TVS. This allows for better peak horsepower.
  • Robust design for extreme applications, double angular front bearings that offer far greater strength than other positive displacement superchargers.
  • Whipple rotor profile designed to minimize rotor-to-rotor contact, ensuring that seizure is nearly impossible.
  • Advanced PTFE seals for 100,000+ mile reliability.
  • Cast aluminum housing allows for lower cool down time than billet housings
  • Precision cut helical gears for quiet operation and trouble free operation
  • Whipple’s flow characteristic gives the best of all worlds, peak flow and low power consumption at low speeds for industry leading torque and throttle response, while increased flow and low power consumption at high rpms produces the best peak HP.

Call Steeda Autosports today and talk to one of our highly trained and experienced Sales Professionals who can recommend a state-of-the-art Steeda/Whipple supercharger system that will more than satisfy your performance needs. REMEMBER: There simply is no other system available in the market today that can deliver what Steeda and Whipple can!

Steeda Autosports and Whipple Superchargers – Delivering the BEST forced induction system and calibration system available today!