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Steeda In The News

Steeda in The NewsMake sure you visit your local newsstand and purchase a copy of the June, 2008 edition of 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords….if you really like vehicle performance evaluations, you will not be disappointed by what you find inside!

On the cover you will find our red 2008 Steeda Q500 that features all of our industry leading Steeda Q-Series performance enhancements including our unique Adaptive Performance Calibration.

Inside on there is an in-depth article written by the Editor of 5.0 – Steve Turner, that fully describes the unique performance attributes of the Steeda pony. With non-biased commentary, Steve asserts the Steeda Q-Series superiority over the competition with comments like:

Power arrives at the party early and stays long after the keg is dry. Better yet, the power is there when you want it and practically invisible when you’re putting around in traffic. With technology, having the cake and eating it too is a regret-free experience

…this is some powerful mojo, and when coupled with Steeda’s Whipple supercharger kit, it provides the kind of fun we expect from modern Mustangs

…What is more impressive is that the APC (Steeda’s Adaptive Performance Calibration) keeps learning and maximizing power all the time…without the drivability downsides….

…the Q500 excels in the environment where most of us want it to – on the street.

For you dyno techies, inside you will also find a dyno report that compares the Steeda Q500 to a Shelby GT500. Needless to say, the Steeda Q500 spanks the performance daylights of the GT500 and shows that it is the new leader of the pack yet again this year with over 32 horsepower and almost 30 ft. lbs of torque. With it’s lighter aluminum block, Steeda’s unique Adaptive Performance Calibration that provide for perfect drivability and all out performance, and the many other suspension and performance enhancements on tap, the Q500 is simply the BEST all around performance Mustang you can buy at ANY price!

Please take the time and read the full article and see more of what they have to say about Steeda –or- stop by and see us or any of our authorized dealers for a test drive and experience the Steeda difference for yourself.

Steeda – Where Speed Matters!


Update on Upcoming Steeda Events

Camp Steeda / SVTOA Sebring Sensation

A truly unbelievable opportunity for owners of Ford-powered street cars to drive their vehicles at Sebring International Raceway, the 2008 running of Camp Steeda is scheduled for May 23nd – 25th. Hosted by Steeda Autosports and SVTOA (Special Vehicle Team Owners Association), attendees will be guaranteed an exciting weekend that is designed to be educational as well as exhilarating.

There will be classroom and trackside instruction as well as lots of track time on the full 3.7 mile Sebring race track. At this event you will be able to unleash the power and performance of your vehicle in a safe, responsible, and thrilling fashion and mingle with editors from major automotive media publications as well as with other great performance enthusiasts.

Space is limited and is being filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so time is of the essence. Following are the pertinent event details:

Activities include

Friday, May 23 – The festivities will start with sign-in, early tech inspection, and an informal reception at Chateau Élan, right on the grounds at Sebring!

Saturday, May 24 – Start off BIG with the Full 12 Hour Course
Saturday Night will also have a Banquet dinner you will get refuel and hear some speakers from the Ford Performance world.

Sunday, May 25 — It’s Open Track on the 12 Hours (Full Course) all day long!

Steeda Autosports 20th Anniversary Celebration and Track Event

All Mustang owners and enthusiasts from all over the country to sign up to attend a truly unique Ford performance event during the weekend of June 13th – June 15th, 2008 in Valdosta, Georgia – Steeda Autosports 20th Anniversary Celebration.

A celebration like this has been in the making for 20 years, so you definitely do not want to miss what will be a truly remarkable weekend that will include a mixture of hands on performance testing and family fun for all. Everyone is invited — including Mustangs and Ford performance vehicles from all marques including stock, classic and modified versions.

With attendance comprised of Ford performance aficionados from around the country, SVTOA (Special Vehicle Team Owners Association) and MCA (Mustang Club of America) members, everyone will most certainly have the time of their life!

Activities include:

Friday, June 13th – Arrive in Valdosta and show off your car and kick back at a special Steeda Autosports Welcome Reception at Valdosta’s Convention Center.

Saturday, June 14th – During the day the new and state-of-the-art South Georgia Motorsports Park becomes the hotbed of attention as there will be a variety of events going on both days that are open to all registered attendees. You will be able to:

  • Drive your car on a SCCA National Competition Autocross Course
  • Blast your car down the ¼ mile dragstrip
  • Test your car’s handling at the “Steeda Skidpad Challenge”

During Saturday evening, everyone is welcome at the Steeda Anniversary Barbeque Bash and car show at the site of the new Steeda Headquarters in Valdosta. You will have an opportunity to share in the excitement and see what the all-new Steeda state-of-the-art Valdosta Complex will be like and also check out some really cool car displays.

Later in the evening, you will be free to stroll around the vibrant downtown area of Valdosta and enjoy a truly unique downtown experience – one that is rich with bars, restaurants and additional memories that will last forever!

Sunday, June 15th
– The action returns to the South Georgia Motorsports Park as Day #2 of the action continues with more fun and excitement at the track and dragstrip with more autocross, ¼ runs, oval track trials, and the Skidpad Challenge finals!

With prizes and mementoes for all attendees, this is guaranteed to be fun for all at this event. So mark your calendar, plan your vacation, bring your car, family and enjoy an event you will remember forever!

Steeda – Where Speed Matters!


A Major Steeda Innovation – Steeda’s Watt’s Linkage

The Steeda Autosports Engineering Team latest creation is the most technologically advanced and best performing suspension upgrade you can provide for your 2005 through 2008 Mustang…

Steeda’s Watt’s Linkage

Under development for an extended period of time, Steeda Engineers using ISO 9001-2000 Certified Procedures, have set a new benchmark standard for Watt’s Linkage suspension systems for the Ford performance enthusiast. Do not be fooled by advertising hype into thinking that all Watt’s Linkage systems are the same – because they are not.

Rather than rushing to market like many of our competitors have done and potentially providing inferior products that do not provide the best possible performance attributes, we took our time and designed it the right way from scratch. Our company founder, Dario Orlando, has always mandated that if the Steeda name is on it, it has to be the very best possible, he would not have it any other way.

We started with a “blank sheet”….doing extensive product evaluations and engineering simulations to form a basis for the current suspension dynamics on the Mustang. Then we combined our ISO Certified design process, engineering procedures, and computer animations along with real-world performance track driving sessions with the 2005-present Mustang to re-invent the best Watt’s Linkage upgrade possible for your vehicle.

Remember – Anytime you give our most experienced and senior engineers a “blank sheet” and unlimited budgets and tell them to go do it – you know for certain that the end result will be something really great…and it certainly is! The end result is the Steeda Watt’s Linkage that is all new and a definite “step above” EVERYTHING available today in the marketplace. When you combine this rear suspension element with the other track tested and proven suspension products, you will certainly end up with a suspension system that is the very best available anywhere.

Following is a technical discussion that fully explains the Steeda Watt’s Linkage suspension system upgrade:

What is the purpose of a Watt’s Linkage?

A Watt’s Linkage is used as the lateral positioning element in a multi-link suspension where the other links do not provide any (or minimal) lateral positioning.

Which part does a Watt’s Linkage replace in an S197 Mustang?

A Watt’s Linkage replaces the Panhard Bar that was added when Ford re-designed the suspension and made the trailing arms parallel with the length of the chassis. When all of the trailing arms were made parallel, they no longer provided lateral (side-to-side) positioning by themselves (as they did on the Satchell Link of the Fox/SN95).

What is wrong with a a Panhard Bar?

As the body mount of a Panhard Bar rises and falls with suspension motion, the axle moves laterally with respect to the chassis due to the arc described by the Panhard Bar. This, in effect, binds the suspension; preventing it from moving to where load transfer and geometry would like it to be. Therefore, the lower the movement the better. A perfectly set up Panhard Bar (that is, horizontal at ride height) with a length of 42.5″ (about what the S197 is) has a lateral motion of about 0.189″ (roughly 3/16″ or 4.8mm) toward the passenger side for 4″ of travel in both bump and rebound. When the Panhard Bar cannot be set up perfectly, the amount of lateral movement increases in either bump or rebound (depending on which end of the Panhard Bar is lower). Further, since the axle moves toward the passenger side in both bump and rebound, there is a different cornering characteristic when turning left vs. right.

Why is a Watt’s Linkage better?

A Watt’s Linkage nearly eliminates lateral motion in the middle of its operating range. With the lateral and center link lengths that Steeda uses, the lateral motion for 4″ of bump travel is about 0.018″ (roughly 1/64″ or 0.46mm or 1/10 of the Panhard bar amount). At 4″ of rebound it is about 0.017″ (again, about 1/64″ or 0.43mm or 1/10 of the Panhard bar). At 2″ of bump/rebound travel, the Watt’s Linkage is even more impressive. The Panhard Bar has moved 0.047″ (1.19mm) while the Watt’s Linkage has moved less than 0.001″ (0.0005″ or 0.01mm). This reduced amount of lateral motion allows the suspension to react to cornering forces in a more consistent manner. The wheels will be able to track the road more consistently. From a driver’s view, the axle will feel better controlled when, for example, encountering a bump or dip during a turn. The rear end will feel more connected and stable to the chassis. Because the lateral movement is near zero, the left vs. right turn dynamics are effectively eliminated. Another minor point is that since the axle locates consistently between the wheel wells, a slightly larger tire can be used without fear of rubbing the tire.

Why is Steeda’s Watt’s Linkage better than others?

The Steeda Watt’s Linkage is better than the rest because it is fully adjustable while maintaining proper geometry (that is, horizontal lateral links and vertical center link at ride height). On a Watt’s Link-equipped vehicle, the center pivot of the center link is the rear roll center. Moving the center pivot up or down moves the roll center up and down. Further, the lateral links should be horizontal and the center link vertical with the vehicle at ride height. When the links are not set up horizontal at ride height, there can be significant increases in scrub in one or both of the travel directions. Steeda’s design allows an adjustable roll center while maintaining proper geometry of the Watt’s Linkage to give minimal lateral movement. Steeda also uses polyurethane on both ends of the lateral links for decreased NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) over competitive designs.

Why should I buy the Steeda Watt’s Linkage upgrade for my Mustang?

This product is for the most discerning street performance enthusiast and also for those tracking their car. The loose axle feeling with the Panhard Bar (due to lateral axle movement) doesn’t always inspire confidence when tossing the car around. The more stable feeling with a Watt’s Linkage should allow a typical driver to control the car closer to the vehicle’s limit.

This product will become available during the month of May. Make sure to check back on for more info!


Steeda Enthusiast Spotlight: Chris Parisi

Chris Parisi’s, the Current Ultra Stang World Champion in the Fun Ford Weekend Series, passion for motorsports all started in 1990 when his father, Joe Parisi, let him take his 1985 Mustang GT down the quarter mile at a Fun Ford Sunday event at Gainesville Raceway. It is a moment that Chris says he is forever thankful for because “…that’s when I fell in love with Drag Racing!”. His Dad has always been a racing fan and usually took Chris and his brother Dave to many SAAC and other race events when they were in New Jersey.

Chris Parisi’s hands on devotion to drag racing began in the early 90’s with his first race car – a 1991 Mustang 5.0 LX hatchback – that was both a daily driver as well as a weekend-warrior at the local drag-strips. Thru the years and after many trips down the quarter mile later honing his reaction time and building and refining his race cars, Chris’s won the 2000 Sportsman Track Championship and was voted Most Feared Driver by his peers!

Chris turned up the heat in the ensuing years by continuing his streak of winning many other races and clinching other championships. As an example of how obsessed Chris is with the quarter mile shootouts, he even raced his father’s F-150 tow vehicle for several seasons, winning several national events and finishing top 5 in points every year.

In 2006 Chris decided it was time to make a chase for the Fun Ford Weekend Four-Six Frenzy Championship and won it with his daily-driver, a Steeda-Powered 2003 Focus ZX3. Chris credits Steeda for his championship win stating: “…..Steeda really came thru for me with high quality – performance proven parts for my Focus. My mods included a Steeda Tri-Ax/F Short Throw Shifter, Steeda Performance Sport Springs, Steeda High Flow Fuel Rail and the Steeda Cold Air Intake….all of these parts contributed to make my Focus a terror on the dragstrip!”

Then in 2007, Chris decided to up the ante further by purchasing a Special Edition V6 Mustang Heat and make an all out chase for the Fun Ford Weekend Ultra Stang World Championship. When it came down to a final round race in Ennis, TX last September, he won and took home the series Championship.

Early in 2008 with class competition getting even tougher, Chris turned to Steeda once again for additional assistance in taking his car to the next competitive level in hopes of securing additional future championships. After talking to the Steeda Tech Specialists, he decided to add a host of Steeda performance parts to his ride including Steeda’s Strut Tower Brace, Steeda Billet Lower Control Arms & Lowering Brackets, Steeda’s Throttle Body Spacer, and Steeda Ultra Lite Lowering Springs. To plant his power to the ground, he followed the Steeda Tech Specialists’ recommendation and mounted a set of Nitto 555R’s. The end result – a Mustang that is tame enough to be driven to the track, and wild enough to bring home championships!

Chris’ plans for 2008 are to run the Gainesville Raceway point’s series and a limited schedule of the Fun Ford Weekend events, NMRA events and several NOPI events. Currently he is leading the points at Gainesville Raceway in the ¼ Mile True Street Class, Chris gives credit to Steeda Autosports stating: “Steeda’s parts give me peace and mind knowing that I can still drive my car daily and be able to drive to and from all events I want to go to without any issues! Thanks Steeda for all your help!!!”

Steeda and Nitto – The winning combination for the dragstrip today