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Steeda Autosports 20th Anniversary Celebration Just Around The Corner!

What better way to celebrate 20 years of automotive leadership of designing and building high performance vehicles, parts, and accessories than to celebrate it with other Ford performance enthusiasts with a special party and an open track event?

The Performance Team at Steeda Autosports are inviting all Mustang owners and enthusiasts from all over the country to sign up to attend a truly unique Ford performance event during the weekend of June 13th – June 15th, 2008 in Valdosta, Georgia.

During that weekend, Ford performance aficionados from around the country and SVTOA (SVT Owners Association) and MCA (Mustang Club of America) members are all invited for what will most certainly be a truly remarkable weekend that will include a mixture of hands on performance testing and family fun for all. Everyone is invited — including Mustangs from all marques including classic and modified versions and also vehicles from Steeda, Roush, Shelby, or Saleen.

Preliminary Schedule of Events

Friday, June 13th – Arrive in Valdosta and show off your car and kick back at a special Steeda Autosports Welcome Reception at Valdosta’s Convention Center.

Saturday, June 14th – during the day the new and state-of-the-art South Georgia Motorsports Park becomes the hotbed of attention as there will be a variety of events going on both days that are open to all registered attendees. You will be able to:

  • Drive your car on a SCCA National Competition Autocross Course
  • Blast your car down the ¼ mile dragstrip
  • Test your car’s handling at the “Skidpad Challenge”

During Saturday evening, everyone is welcome at the Steeda Anniversary Barbeque Bash and car show at the site of the new Steeda Headquarters in Valdosta.  With construction in it’s the final stages at that time, you will have an opportunity to share in the excitement and see what the all-new Steeda state-of-the-art Valdosta Complex will be like and also check out some really cool car displays.
Later in the evening, you will be free to stroll around the vibrant downtown area of Valdosta and enjoy a truly unique downtown experience – one that is rich with bars, restaurants and additional memories that will last forever!

Sunday, June 15th – The action returns to the South Georgia Motorsports Park as Day #2 of the action continues with more fun and excitement at the track and dragstrip with more autocross, ¼ runs, oval track trials, and the Skidpad Challenge finals!

With prizes and mementoes for all attendees, this is guaranteed to be fun for all at this event. So mark your calendar, plan your vacation, bring your car, family and enjoy an event you will remember forever!

Check back at for additional information in the future or signup for our newsletter to keep up to date!

Steeda is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Global Manufacturer of Ford Performance Products.


Steeda Now Offers Preferred Financing Option

GE Money and Steeda Autosports, the leading manufacturer of Ford automotive aftermarket performance parts and accessories, are announcing today a multi-year agreement to provide performance customers a very special consumer financing program through the GE Money Auto Card. The private label credit program, managed by GE Money’s Sale Finance unit, offers Steeda Autosports enthusiasts:

  • Simple application – only taking minutes to complete
  • 3, 6, or 12 Months No Interest Financing
  • Generous credit lines available
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance at no cost for 1 year – Starts from the date the account is opened
  • No Annual Fee

“We have a proven record of being a leader in the high performance industry – and this new alliance with GE Money is another industry leading benefit for our customers.” said Dario Orlando, President for Steeda Autosports. “Our production based equipped vehicles have won more championships, set more track records and won more races than all our competitors combined. With our 20-year track record and GE’s proven standing in the financing industry, our customers have an additional way to build and maintain their high performance Ford vehicles.”

Steeda sells serialized vehicles, parts and accessories exclusively through its growing international network of independent performance dealers and certified Ford dealerships. The automotive aftermarket is a fast growing industry, with enthusiasts modifying and upgrading their street and race cars each year.  Approximately over one million Ford street and race vehicles are equipped with Steeda engineered parts.  Steeda has one more racing championships than all it’s competitors combined.

“The GE Money Auto Card helps performance and racing buffs pursue their passion for performance and stay within their budgets,” said Steve Roe, vice president and general manager, Automotive, GE Money – Sales Finance.

About Steeda Autosports

Originally founded in 1988 when Dario Orlando chose to apply his years of engineering and race car development experience to the task of elevating the Ford Mustang to levels of unparalleled performance, Steeda has evolved into a world class operation. With design, engineering, manufacturing, and order fulfillment operations that are fully ISO 9001-2000 certified, Steeda Autosports offers the largest complete line of Ford based parts and accessories in the world today for performance and appearance. For more information, visit

About GE Money

With more than $190 billion in assets, GE Money, a unit of General Electric Company (NYSE:GE), is a leading provider of credit services to consumers, retailers and auto dealers in more than 55 countries around the world. GE Money, based in Stamford, Conn., offers a range of financial products, including private label credit cards, personal loans, bank cards, auto loans and leases, mortgages, corporate travel and purchasing cards, debt consolidation and home equity loans, and credit insurance. More information can be found at GE Money’s Sales Finance unit, based in Kettering, Ohio, provides private label credit card programs, marketing, installment lending and financial services for national and regional retailers, dealers, manufacturers and service providers in more than 20 industries including: home improvement, outdoor power equipment, sporting goods, powersports, automotive, recreational vehicles, consumer electronics and appliances, furniture, floor covering, marine, music, jewelry, and health care.

GE is Imagination at Work — a diversified technology, media and financial services company focused on solving some of the world’s toughest problems. With products and services ranging from aircraft engines, power generation, water processing and security technology to medical imaging, business and consumer financing, media content and advanced materials, GE serves customers in more than 100 countries and employs more than 300,000 people worldwide. For more information, visit

Steeda Autosports and GE – Two winners with proven records working together for performance enthusiast!


Steeda Leading The Pack in 2008!

The 2008 Racing Season has gotten off to a quick start this year with Steeda Autosports equipped vehicles once again leading the way at the race tracks and on the dragstrip by chalking up more victories and keeping the competition at bay!  For 20 years, vehicles with Steeda Autosports parts have won more races, set more records, and won more championships than all other manufacturers combined.

At the challenging National Auto Sports Association (NASA) Pot O’ Gold event at the Road Atlanta race course March 14th – 16th, we spanked most other competitors by chalking up another series of victories and pole positions.  Despite adverse weather that included tornados, hail, and persistent rain and very windy conditions, Mustangs equipped with Steeda Autosport’s parts were on the winning track once again!

Robin Burnett’s Steeda Q Mustang grabbed a class pole position on Sunday and enroute to two individual American Iron (AI) class victories, he successfully beat most other non-class vehicles including 8 of the 9 FR500S that were running in the Mustang Challenge class (with non-class spec rain tires).  Robin’s Steeda Q- Series Mustang was turning the rain on the asphalt into steam as he aggressively drove his Q to those two victories.  He once again showed how a Steeda prepared Mustang can really perform by beating most competitors under some of the most extreme and adverse conditions ever encountered at a race track!  Robin continues to showcase his outstanding driving skills in every race he participates in and it is readily apparent why most other competitors fear his Steeda Q Mustang….because he wins !

James Ray successfully had his Steeda Q-Series Mustang really dialed in and was ready for battle when he successfully raced to two podium finishes for Steeda Autosports and Nitto Tires in the hotly contested Time Trial S (TTS) class on Saturday and then again on Sunday. What is really remarkable is that James’ accomplishments was that he was able to set his outstanding lap times with his Steeda Q-Mustang equipped street Nitto NT01 tires that was BETTER THAN ALL of the qualifying times of the fully race prepared FR500S that were in the special MillerCup class on special series-spec BFGoodrich race tires.… unbelievable achievement especially when you consider that James’ Steeda Q Mustang is his DAILY DRIVER and his car included such things as a backseat, air conditioning, radio, and all of the other luxuries that make his mount a Monday thru Friday daily commuter ride that is also very capable for weekend race events. How many other production Mustang brands can make that claim? Nobody else but Steeda !

At the NMRA season opener at the Bradenton Motorsports Park in Bradington, Florida, Steeda Autosports equipped cars once again were a dominant force to be reckoned with.  To highlight some of our accomplishments at the event lets focus on just a few of the many racers that were supporting Steeda:

Chris Parisi who was piloting his Steeda Autosports equipped Mustang and captured two 1st place wins by taking down his True Street ET category on Saturday and then completely dominating the B3 Class on Sunday.  Not bad for the first NMRA race event of the 2008 season….one Steeda equipped Mustang, two different race classes and two 1st place wins!

Not to be left at the starting line, our own Scott Boda (Steeda Autosports Director of Manufacturing) fired up his 1990 Mustang and successfully defended his and our honor by finishing 1st overall in his highly competitive 9 second class and also 3rd overall out of 61 cars in the True Street class. Scott runs a 410 cubic inch Windsor motor with a Nitrous Express nitrous system and relies on Steeda Hardcore suspension to get the most out of his DOT tire’s which is a must for True Street class competition. Even fighting some gremlins over the weekend with the car or as he likes to call it, Bradenton Blues, he was still able pull off a victory and prove that this weekend warrior is truly a Steeda Hardcore Street Car.

In the 5.0 Magazine Real Street class, the Steeda sponsored ride of Jim Breese was out and flying this year in hopes of capturing the title. He qualified number 2 with an impressive ET of 9.745 seconds. After battling through several rounds he meet the defending class champ in the finals. Barely being out done Jim got runner up at the stripe by only .0337 of second. He was impressed with the cars performance out of the gate this year and thinks it will be a tight race this season once again.

In the first year of Steeda Autosports backing the Open Comp class the turnout was Great. With over 25 cars in the field for the race on Sunday alone the action and racing was close. The Open Comp class depends on ultra fast reaction times and consistent 60fts and ET’s. This is a perfect fit for Steeda as these things only happen when you have the right parts to plant your tires and make your car hook! Look for more of these cars to be sporting some new Steeda hardware as the season continues and the competition gets even more fierce.

These are just a few of the many victories, records, and championships that Steeda equipped vehicles win every weekend that there is a race. From to stop light to starting line – Steeda equipped vehicles perform unlike any other.

Remember: Talk is cheap – only winning and breaking records count! If you want the most innovative and the best quality race proven parts you have only one choice – Steeda!

Steeda Autosports is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Global Manufacturer of Ford performance products and the largest manufacturer of high performance components for Ford vehicles in the World.


The Truth About Forced Induction & The Whipple Generation II Supercharger

Steeda Autosports is proud to announce the availability of the Whipple Gen II Supercharger system. When combined with the all new and industry leading Steeda Adaptive Performance Calibration the result is the BEST performance powertrain available for Ford performance enthusiasts today – period! With maximum performance and unbelievable drivability at all RPMs and under all conditions – other forced induction alternatives do not even come close to matching their combined performance output.

Whipple Superchargers

In essence, you have the best of both worlds with the most advanced and efficient forced induction system mated with the most advanced and industry leading powertrain control software and calibration available.

The Facts

Supercharging of internal combustion engines has been used for many years as a method of improving engine performance and efficiency. However, with the continued decrease in emission standard regulations and a corresponding increase in corporate average fuel economy (CAFÉ), the trend will force automotive manufacturers to down-size engines and vehicles.

On the contrary, overall torque and horsepower trends are still expected to simultaneously increase in order to satisfy customer expectations as performance orientated consumers will always want more power and performance.

From a performance perspective an excellent way to meet customer expectations is by forced induction through the application of supercharger technology. Essentially, supercharging raises both the torque and horsepower of an engine by raising the intake charge density above atmospheric pressures (Boosting) starting at engine speeds as low as idle. Furthermore, significant performance increases are realized with very compact packaging without adversely affecting the integrity of today’s low emission exhaust after treatment systems.

Generally, there are four basic types of forced induction common for the Ford performance enthusiast today each with its own specific attributes and characteristics.


  • Turbochargers
  • Mechanically Driven Superchargers
    • Twin-Screw (Whipple)
    • Roots
    • Centrifugal Supercharger

Following is a chart that depicts the advantages/disadvantages of each of the various forced induction methods in a non-biased format.

Comparison of Methods of Forced Induction
Gen II
Centrifugal Turbo Roots
Throttle Response Awesome Idle-To-Redline RPM Power. No Lag. Poor Low-Speed Response, Similar To ‘Turbo Lag’. Power Low-Speed Response. Turbo Lag. Good Low To Mid Range Power.
Driveability Incresed Lugging Ability In Higher Gears. Increased Power Throughout RPM Range. Must Downshift To Maintain Boost Level. Must Downshift To Maintain Boost Level. Increased Lugging Ability In Higher Gears.
Engine Torque Curve Virtually Flat Curve; Ideal Characteristic. Often Worse Than Uncharged Engine At Low Speeds. Often Worse Than Uncharged Engine At Low Speeds. Wide Range; Fall-Off Can Occur At High Speeds.
Heat Buildup Low; Intercoolers Not Needed – But Recommended Low; Intercoolers Not Needed – But Recommended High; Intercooler Needed High; Limits Boost Available – Intercooler Needed
Noise Very Low Noise Levels. Typically Very Noisy. Medium Noise Levels. Typically Very Noisy.
Adiabatic Efficiency 75-85% 60-78% 60-75% Peak 40-55%

Although the Twin Screw and Roots are both “positive displacement” superchargers the similarities end here. Size for size, the Twin Screw is simply more efficient even at modest boost levels. But, at high boost levels the Twin Screw technology simply vanquishes Roots designed superchargers. If you set aside the rhetoric and advertising claims, what really matters most is how EFFICIENT the supercharger is, its upper power potential, and the related torque power curve.

While the turbocharger creates great peak horsepower, turbo lag and high cold start emissions due to the increased thermal mass are significant turbocharger technology short falls. Overall, the new Whipple Gen II twin-screw supercharger delivers instant boost at all engine speeds and at a much superior overall efficiency of a Roots, Turbo, or Centrifugal design of forced induction.

What is a screw compressor and how does it work?

A screw compressor is a positive displacement machine that uses a pair of intermeshing rotors to produce compression. The rotors are essentially comprised of helical lobes that are affixed to a front and rear shaft. One rotor referred to as the male rotor will typically have three lobes. On the contrary, the other rotor referred to as the female rotor will typically have five valleys machined into it that match the curvature of the male lobes. However, the number of lobes on the male and the number of valleys on the female rotor can vary between compressor manufacturers. Nevertheless, the rotors never make contact with each other or the rotor housing, instead they are timed by a pair of gears operating in a lubricated chamber which is separated from the rotor chamber. With the 3-5 rotor combination, the male rotor turns 3 times for every one time of the female rotor. Hence, because of the number of male lobes there are three air compression cycles for every revolution of the male rotor.

Whipple Gen II Twin-Screw Operating Principals

Inlet Phase – The male and female rotors rotate counter to each other. As the lobes of each rotor travel past each inlet port at the rear entrance of the supercharger, air is trapped between consecutive lobes and the cylindrical casing. The air moves axially (forward) throughout the case and fill the inner-lobe space between adjacent lobes.

Compression Phase – As the rotors mesh, the air is trapped between the rotors and the casing. Continued rotation progressively reduces the volume occupied by the air resulting in an extremely efficient controlled compression.

Discharge Phase – Compression continues until the inner-lobe space becomes exposed to the outlet port, through which the air is discharged into the manifold.

The compression sequence continues on all rotor segments simultaneously. Also, the synchronized timing of the rotors assures that rotor interference never occurs assuring long life, consistent performance, and low parasitic losses.

The screw compressor is by far the best supercharger available today; it’s the only supercharger to provide a positive displacement design for maximum low-end torque as well as high efficiency for maximum top-end horsepower. No other supercharger in the world can offer the same unique benefits. Centrifugal superchargers and turbochargers either have significant lag time during shift points, on-off throttle response deficiencies, or inadequate off the line boost. Furthermore, Roots-type superchargers have been proven to be less efficient, especially at higher boost levels.


Whipple GENERATION II – Exclusive New Features

Whipple superchargers are the most efficient means of dramatic power increases on today’s modern engines. With Whipple’s unique 3/5 rotor profile, Whipple flows more air in smaller packages, at lower temperatures and drastically lower parasitic drag.

No other positive displacement supercharger compares to the potential airflow at such a lower compressor rpm. Whipple Generation II rotor profile has risen the performance bar again, with increased flow across the board, yet the identical rotor diameter and length, allowing even better packaging.

Actual Comparison Test

Key Points:

  • Whisper quiet operation, zero increase in idle noise (Eaton and other positive displacement blowers all have gear rattle at idle)
  • Generation II rotor profile increased volumetric efficiency to an average of 95-99% throughout the engines operating range (1.4-2.4psi), giving peak boost levels and maximum power throughout the rpm range
  • More air at lower blower speeds mean increased torque, dramatically increased throttle response for pure customer satisfaction
  • Increased volumetric efficiency allows lower blower speeds for decreased power consumption and lower discharge temps, which equals more power across the rpm range
  • Increased rotor sealing for less back leakage from high boost levels, which equals lower discharge temps
  • @ 1.6psi, with the Eaton TVS 2300 turning 14,000rpm, W140ax requires 15kw less power to equal the same flow.
  • @ 1.6psi,with the Eaton TVS 2300 turning 14,000rpm, W140ax produces 20deg C lower discharge temps for far greater power potential.
  • As compressor speed increases, Whipple 140ax continues to pull away from Eaton TVS. This allows for better peak horsepower.
  • Robust design for extreme applications, double angular front bearings that offer far greater strength than other positive displacement superchargers.
  • Whipple rotor profile designed to minimize rotor-to-rotor contact, ensuring that seizure is nearly impossible.
  • Advanced PTFE seals for 100,000+ mile reliability.
  • Cast aluminum housing allows for lower cool down time than billet housings
  • -Bolt on pulleys for simple boost adjustment (2 minutes)
  • Precision cut helical gears for quiet operation and trouble free operation
  • Whipple’s flow characteristic gives the best of all worlds, peak flow and low power consumption at low speeds for industry leading torque and throttle response, while increased flow and low power consumption at high rpms produces the best peak HP.

Superior Engineering

Every Whipple product goes through extensive research and development to ensure proper operation in all applications. Their standard development practice involves the measurement of over 100 parameters utilizing their own custom designed data acquisition computers. Measurements include individual cylinder air/fuel ratio from a true wide range Horiba sensor, individual cylinder pressure and cylinder combustion analysis as well as solid-state exhaust gas temperature.

Our expert automotive engineering team has over 20 years of OEM experience calibrating even the most stringent emission standards such as Partial Zero Emission Vehicles (PZEV), as well as powertrain system design and development. This technical expertise assures that each supercharger system is properly integrated as part of the overall powertrain. No other company has a more advanced staff in the field of powertrain systems and emission friendly products. Every product gets extensive R&D time starting with Superflow engine dyno based engine mapping followed by environmentally controlled wind-tunnel vehicle development that spans the range of ambient temperatures ranging from -20 to 130 F. Finally, each of our products is tested using a DynoJet Chassis dyno as a final validation. This ensures that you get maximum power from our product, as well as long trouble free operation.

Steeda Autosports and Whipple Superchargers – Delivering the BEST forced induction system and calibration system available today!