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Steeda’s Revolutionary “Adaptive Performance Calibration”

Steeda announces a revolutionary solution to the calibration dilemma: The Adaptive Performance Calibration. Not a band-aid approach like all the other aftermarket calibrations, these are completely new computer instructions that have been integrated into the production Mustang engine powertrain control system that AUTOMATICALLY adapts to ALWAYS provide you with the best possible tune for the equipment you add to your car and for your specific driving conditions, fuel, aftermarket modifications without compromise to your vehicle’s engine management system and its subsystems.


With the advent of this new “drive-by-wire” system technology in the S197 Mustang, the engine management architecture (aka: Spanish Oak) has evolved to be an extremely sophisticated, fully integrated system that constantly monitors multiple engine sensors and driver inputs in order to deliver the engine torque demanded by the driver.

The end result is that with the advent of this complex digital engine management system, today’s vehicles are able to deliver their power with improved performance all with smoother drivability and lower level emissions than cars of yesteryears.

However, today’s performance enthusiasts who want more from their vehicles have been left with very limited choices – all of which compromise one element or another of the beneficial state-of-the-art, digital engine management system Ford has created. All aftermarket modifiers have resorted to “trickery” to either shut down key sensors or even falsify those sensors into different modes of operations — nearly always jeopardizing the integrity of engine management system and potentially exposing customers to risky situations that may result in a shutdown of key functions or in worst case scenarios – total engine failure.

Bottom Line

The drive-by-wire engine management system used in the Mustang is an outstanding system – the best on the market today – it is just not “Aftermarket Friendly”.

There are many different aftermarket solutions available today – but they all have their inherent shortfalls. They may work well in certain situations, under certain weather conditions, at a specific altitude, or with specific aftermarket equipment. But change the humidity, fuel octane, exhaust system, or make any other major or minor hardware adjustment, and you are back to the drawing boards to essentially “re-trick” your engine management system. Essentially you will have to keep your fingers crossed that it all works right in the end.

Face the facts – there is no way you are guaranteed to always get the best possible performance under all conditions when you are compromising the engine control system or not fully utilizing its performance sophistication and safety features. Moreover, although the engine management system used in the today’s production Mustang is an outstanding system, the only limitation being that it is designed as a static system.

Until now…

Steeda announces a revolutionary solution to the calibration dilemma: The Adaptive Performance Calibration. Not a band-aid approach like all the other aftermarket calibrations, these are completely new computer instructions that have been integrated into the production Mustang engine powertrain control system that AUTOMATICALLY adapts to ALWAYS provide you with the best possible tune for the equipment you add to your car and for your specific driving conditions, fuel, aftermarket modifications without compromise to your vehicle’s engine management system and its subsystems.

This new sophisticated calibration automatically adjusts as needed to always deliver the most horsepower and torque possible. The result is perfect drivability, full cruise control capabilities, complete safety systems monitoring and MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE AT ALL TIMES AND UNDER ALL CONDITIONS!!

Specifically the Adaptive Performance Calibration is best described as a “dynamic system” that provides the following features:

  • Supercharger Recognition: This feature allows the engine management system to recognize the presence of a supercharger, thereby, extending the engine-operating envelope for precision torque based control.
  • Adaptive Octane Sensing: It automatically senses the octane level of your fuel, and adjusts timing as needed so as to maximize your performance potential. In doing this, the powertrain computer looks at the history of related engine knock level, and remembers the sensitivity parameters for your specific engine.
  • Adaptive control within each system’s limits: Specifically, your engine calibration will automatically adjust so that no horsepower/torque levels will be delivered that exceed the capacity of your fuel pump, injectors, or mass air meter.

Remember that when engineering a high performance powertrain today that the key is not the “biggest”. Rather it is about creating a system where all components work together in harmony to deliver their maximum power. From the cold air intake, to the throttle body, fuel pump, and even your supercharger – all components and your calibration must work together in sync. At Steeda Autosports, we take the guesswork away and deliver the best performing calibration possible for your vehicle without compromise. In other words, the Steeda Adaptive Performance Calibration is constantly self-adjusting its engine calibration parameters to its environment in order to provide optimum performance which is only possible as a dynamic system.

The Steeda exclusive Adaptive Performance Calibration is currently available for 2007 and current 4.6L 3 valve Mustangs at a retail price of $399.

For more information:

Check out Steeda’s Adaptive Strategy Writeup in our F.A.Q. Section by Clicking Here.

Steeda – Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation


Announcing Steeda’s 2008 Model Year Vehicle Lineup

Steeda Autosports unveiled their comprehensive line-up of Ford performance vehicles during a special media event last week in Pompano Beach, Florida and at Moroso Motorsports Park. Many performance upgrades have been made as a result of our relentless drive for engineering the best performing vehicles possible for our customers. Following is the Steeda serialized performance vehicle line-up for 2008:

Steeda Q350

The Steeda Q350 is an all American performance road car that is specifically engineered for the demanding performance enthusiast. Equipped with Steeda Autosports patented track tested and race proven suspension elements, the Q350 provides outstanding response to driver input and can deliver an amazing 1.0gs on a skidpad on street tires – without compromising your ride characteristics.

With over 350 horsepower and 365 ft. pounds of torque at your command thanks to the Steeda engineered Cold Air Intake with our unique cool tube technology, Steeda balanced underdrive pulleys, Steeda performance exhaust, and our unique Adaptive Performance Calibration, the Steeda Q350 hauls down the quarter mile at 12.7 seconds at over 108mph on street tires!

Extensive engineering and comprehensive testing have evolved the Steeda Q350 in a world-class performance vehicle of no equal. See for yourself why the Steeda Q350 is the preferred choice of discerning performance enthusiasts.

Steeda Supercharged Q500

The Steeda Q500 takes the superb platform of the Steeda Q350 and adds a healthy dose of supercharged power only as the team at Steeda Autosports can do. With over 500+ horsepower and 465+ ft. lbs. of torque, this 4.6L supercharged system provides pure power when you need it with complete control from idle up to it’s 6500 rpm redline. Have more power when you need it, without the wait and without compromise of other supercharger systems all thanks to the industry unique Steeda Adaptive Performance Calibration and the advanced Steeda/Whipple Supercharger Induction System.

Having all of this power requires a suspension system to plant it to the asphalt, and the Steeda Q500 does that with our proprietary track tested and race proven suspension system. Fly down the quarter mile in 12.2 seconds at over 113 mph and then attain 1.0gs on the skidpad the same set of street tires. Performance, reliability, and exclusivity that is unmatched in the performance industry today!

With exclusive Steeda Autosports equipment, the Steeda Q500 is an outstanding road car performance engineered for the most demanding performance enthusiasts who likes to live in the fast lane!

Steeda Supercharged Q650

The Steeda Q650 is the ultimate performance model in our extensive line of high performance vehicles. Powered by a Steeda purpose built 5.0L aluminum engine, it is expertly hand assembled and outfitted with the very best components available, this performance behemoth has no rivals in the showroom, on the street, or on the racetrack.

With over 650 supercharged horsepower and 670ft. lbs of torque, this is the most powerful production car we offer and it provides a no compromised solution to those that demand the very best both on the street and on the racetrack.

It is simply the best performing and most aggressive performance Mustang available today! It’s many specialized components work harmoniously to deliver the most powerful and fastest automobile ever produced by the Steeda Autosports skunk-works team. This vehicle has outstanding performance with smooth drivability at low speeds, yet provides surprising fierce performance of no equal when the driver commands it.

If you are a performance driver that wants the ultimate – then this is it !

Steeda Fusion

The Steeda Fusion is a refined, fast, and exceptionally well-balanced automobile that delivers more driving excitement than anything in its class. The team at Steeda has enhanced the Fusion with numerous suspension modifications, including Steeda Sport Springs that improve the ride and handling, but not at the expense of ride quality and comfort. With the addition of a strut tower brace to minimize body flex, the Steed Fusion handles like no other Fusion available today.

Outfitted with specially designed Steeda Pentar wheels with the correct offset, these performance wheels provide a strong and lightweight upgrade that when combined with the Nitto Invo performance tires, the result is a superb wheel tire selection designed for the best possible combination of performance and ride quality.

Engine performance is improved with the addition of the Steeda designed and engineered cold air system and free flowing exhaust system. The result is an increase in performance with a pleasing, yet purposeful sound.

The exterior design elements are not merely driven by visual cues – rather there is serious substance to back up this style. The aerodynamic styling and graphics, inspired by the passion of an Autobahn cruiser is evident in the automobile’s road hugging stance that looks good while at the same time reduces aerodynamic drag.

The interior also has a style of it’s own. Steeda accents energize the instrument panel, while the Steeda custom leather seats add lateral support and comfort for the driver.

With bold styling, spirited performance, and a well-appointed interior, the Steeda Fusion is a compelling mid-size performance sedan.

Steeda Focus Club Racer

Taking the famed Steeda Autosports Race-Bred and Road-Ready DNA to a new platform for the Ford performance enthusiast, the Steeda Focus Club Racer underscores the commitment that Steeda Autosports has made to consistently deliver the best possible performance and value to the Ford performance enthusiast.

Inspired by the famous Steeda Club Racer Mustang Series, the 2008 Steeda Focus Club Racer is designed to win, and delivers solid, spirited handling with pulse-quickenig performance. The vehicle has been modified throughout, and features every performance–minded item and accoutrement that the Steeda Skunk Works could think of to include.

With an aggressive track stance and race-ready attitude, the Steeda Focus Club Racer achieves new levels of Focus performance, and deftly toes the line between everyday workhorse and weekend warrior.


Enthusiast Spotlight: James Ray

James Ray is an avid automotive enthusiast with a keen eye for performance. A commercial airline pilot with US Airways for the past 24 years – James is the type of individual that has a unique perceptual sense as well as knowledge of mechanics and performance – both in the air and on the ground. He is a member of the Carolina Regional Mustang Club and is actively involved with the Mustang Club of America and NASA-South East as a certified instructor with open track events from February thru October every year.

James’ love of automotive performance lust began with his ’68 Shelby GT350, and over the years has included other great cars including a 2001 Bullitt Mustang, a 2003 SVT Cobra Mustang, a Roush Stage III Mustang, and his current ride, a 2007 Steeda Q-400.

James acquired his Steeda mount in November 2006 and uses it as his daily driver as well as his track car. “I went to my local Ford Dealer, ordered the color, interior and options that I wanted, and had the car drop-shipped to Steeda’s Florida location. After Steeda worked their magic and transformed this ordinary GT into a Q-400, my wife and I flew down and made a mini-vacation out of driving it home. James adds: “…one of the things that I really like is the ability to drive to the track with my Steeda, change from street tires to track tires, tighten-up the Tokiko Struts, pull down on my 5-way harnesses, don my helmet, pull onto the track and run against full race prepared cars – and beating most of them! When the weekend is over, I can drive my track car home in the comfort of a/c while listening to my favorite CD. This past weekend, I finished 2nd in class at the opening NASA-SE event at Carolina Motorsports Park, a 14-turn, 2.3 mile road course. The only car faster was a fully prepared racecar that finished 5th overall in last years One Lap of America. I had the fastest lap-time by more than a second over every other Mustang in the field, including the American Iron Race Cars! My son Taylor finished 3rd in his class with his 2001 Steeda GT behind a pair of BMW Race cars.

We have a growing stable. One of my Students, and now good friend Jim Edwards caught the fever last year. After a few High Performance Driving School weekends, he started adding Steeda parts to his ’03 Cobra. Every time he added a part, it handled better! Well before you know it, he drove 11 hours to Pompano Beach and had them add the full Stage-IV suspension to his Cobra! Our Steeda Mustangs really turn heads in the paddock with their performance and good looks.”

James added: “At Roebling Road last year, a gentleman driving a Turbo Porsche Race Car commented that “he has seen it all – he had a Mustang pass him in a corner, A MUSTANG!” When he found out it was my daily driver he almost fell off of his chair! It is a true testament to the quality of product that comes out of Pompano Beach.”

James’ Q-400 includes the famous Steeda G-Trac Suspension System that delivers a unique ride that does not rattle your teeth – yet it deliver uncompromising performance and grip on the racetrack. “I am not only happy with the performance of the Q-400, but I am also very proud of how my car looks too! Some other cars out there are a little over-done for my taste. I’m not a Boy-Racer.” I’m not into Bling. I appreciate the tasteful, yet functional body pieces that Steeda adds to their cars. They’re real head-turners!”

A car that pushes the performance envelope needs a competent tire. James’ tire of choice? The Nitto NT01. “I have tried many different tires over the years. The NT01 offers an outstanding balance between everyday use and part-time track star. I am surprised with the grip, and pleased with the durability that this tire has to offer.”

James Ray comments “…..of all the cars I have owned, the Steeda Q-Series of Mustangs are simply the best Bang-for-the-Buck that you will find at any price.”

“One thing that I want your readers to know is that I am very pleased with the personalized service that I get from all of the folks at Steeda. After a track weekend, I will usually follow-up with the Steeda Team. They are very knowledgeable, and always take a genuine interest in how our cars have performed, as well as how we can make them better. From Dario on down, the Steeda team is a family that I am pleased to be a part of.”

From the cockpit of the Airbus, to the cockpit of his current Steeda Q-400, James has driven or flown them all – and it is obvious his Steeda has found a sweet spot in his heart.

Congratulations to James for enjoying life and for his candid comments about his Steeda Mustang!

Steeda – Passion for Performance


Steeda and NMRA Join Forces in Bradenton

Steeda Autosports and the NMRA would like to invite all Steeda owners and customers to NMRA’s season opener in Bradenton, Florida, March 6-9, 2008, at Bradenton Motorsports Park.

The NMRA is the #1 all-Ford motorsport show in the U.S. offering awesome heads-up drag racing, a giant all-Ford auto show & shine, a huge manufacturers midway & swap meet, 300+ mph jet cars, the world famous burnout contest and much more! If you live near Florida you don’t want to miss this event!

Heads-Up Drag Racing

NMRA has over 12 exciting heads-up classes from 200+ mph Outlaws (nitrous vs. supercharged vs. turbocharged) to bumper drag’n Real Street warriors.

Giant All-Ford Auto Show & Shine

NMRA’s giant auto show & shine (Sat. & Sun.) has over 60 awards, including a 6′ best of show trophy. Mustang & Fords, Mustang Monthly, 5.0 Mustang, Muscle Mustangs, and Race Pages regularly feature cars from NMRA’s auto show.

Open Comp, Modular & True Street Drag Racing

Got a Steeda Mustang or a cool street car? Want to learn how to drag race? Come out and race in Steeda Open Comp, Modular Muscle, or NMRA’s fun True Street class presented by Muscle Mustangs. (Image of True Street Mustangs Ready to Race) – Photo Caption: NMRA has entry level classes for all potential competitors. The True Street class, presented by Muscle Mustangs, offers a fun racing experience for Mustangs of all levels.

Huge Manufacturers’ Midway & Swap Meet

Looking to buys some parts for your Mustang or Ford? Do you want to speak face-to-face with performance experts? NMRA events always have an awesome manufacturers’ midway with all sorts of good deals on the performance parts you need for your muscle car. There is also a used parts swap meet for folks who are looking for that special hard to find car part!

NMRA Quick Links

For more information on the NMRA Keystone Automotive Ford Nationals log on to or call 714-444-2426.

Steeda – Speed Matters


Steeda Autosports Breaks Ground in Valdosta Georgia

On Friday, February 15th, a formal ground breaking ceremony for the all new Steeda Autosports World Headquarters was held on a 25 acre grassy field on what locals are calling ‘Victory Lane’. Steeda received a very warm welcome when many state and local dignitaries and residents all joining in with the celebration and festivities. This new facility will be the site of the world’s most advanced manufacturing facility dedicated to the Ford performance enthusiast today.

The completed site will include an all new 100,000 sq. ft. building that will take care of the office and manufacturing side of the business and will include the latest state-of-the-art machinery that will produce the best components possible. Outdoors, to take care of the vehicle dynamic side of the business will be a comprehensive vehicle dynamic testing facility that will feature:

  • 1.2 mile road course test track
  • Skid pad
  • Slalom course
  • Brake test area

The test track will also include a variety of road surfaces to aid in the development and prove out process for future Steeda vehicles and parts in terms of performance, noise, vibration and harshness. The nearby drag strip, South Georgia Motorsports Park, is a new, world-class facility that will be utilized for additional extensive vehicle testing and product evaluation.

In addition, this expansion provides for an exciting opportunity for Steeda Autosports to partner with Georgia Tech and Valdosta Technical Institute to take our manufacturing and engineering processes to the next level as we continually evolve and develop our products to always be the very best available in the market place.

The Valdosta Times provided extensive coverage of the groundbreaking and provided the following quotes and comments:

“What we are so excited about is the opportunity that Valdosta and Lowndes County have given us to develop the most advanced Ford performance manufacturing facility in the world,” Dario Orlando said. “We want to thank the city and the state for the opportunity.”

Orlando added that the facility will bring 100 jobs to the area and will employ students graduating from Valdosta Technical College, where there is already instruction offered in the operating software used by the company. The addition of Steeda to the Azalea East Industrial Park comes with a $10 million investment for the area.

“This is another wonderful triumph for Valdosta/Lowndes County,” Industrial Authority Chairman, John Peeples, said. “Less than one year ago we were standing here saying ‘This is going to be a reality,’ and now it is a reality.”

Mayor John J. Fretti added, “Today is a testament to innovation.” Fretti said the relationship between Ford and Steeda will be merged with the people and the quality of life that has already been built in the city, which is the groundwork for success.

“I think you will realize in the years to come what a wise decision you’ve made,” County Commission Chairman Rod Casey said just before the official groundbreaking. “We will do whatever we can to make you successful.”

Breaking in early to life in Valdosta, Steeda will host an event for the Mustang Club of America during the second week in June, where all Ford Mustangs and performance enthusiasts are welcome to which is expected to attract more than 1,000 participants to the area.

Steeda – Building for the Future