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8th Annual Steeda Stampede – October 13, 2007

Mark your calendars and get ready for the 8th Annual Steeda Stampede!

Once again on Saturday, October 13th Steeda Autosports will host the annual Steeda Stampede beginning at it’s Pompano Beach World Headquarters. Considered by many to be one of the largest consumer gatherings of Ford Performance vehicles in the country, this year’s event is guaranteed to be even bigger and better with more cars, more enthusiasts, and more exciting news and track time for everyone!

Saturday morning activities will include campus tours and tech seminars conducted by Steeda President, Dario Orlando and the world class team at Steeda Autosports . See for yourself how the world’s largest Ford performance parts manufacturer transforms raw materials into a variety of precision performance parts that are uniquely Steeda.

There will be car shows where the competition is guaranteed to be fierce for the Annual Steeda Best Engineered Award and the Steeda Best of Show Award and “Frank’s Garage” will be offering special one time only pricing on a variety of performance and take off parts and accessories. In the afternoon the Stampede will shift gears as all performance vehicles gallop to the Moroso Motorsports Park where we are guaranteed two really great days where enthusiasts will be able to test their cars on the ¼ Mile Dragstrip.

Online Pre-Register For The 2007 Steeda Stampede Event is Closed.
You can still pre-register through business hours Firday by calling our Sales line.
Don’t miss the best Mustang event of the year!
Call now! 954-960-0774

Price of Registration Day of The Event is $20

Attend the Steeda Stampede – and see for yourself the Steeda Difference!

Steeda – Where Speed Matters!


Steeda Swaybars: Simply – The Best Available!

Steeda swaybars are ‘Track Tested and Street Smart’ and are equally at home on your street driven vehicle or on the racetrack, they simply have no equal in the industry today. Designed and manufactured exclusively by Steeda in the USA to the highest possible standards, they withstand the rigors of high performance racing and yet exhibit excellent NVH characteristics, so you get the performance and handling benefits you want without degrading ride quality.

Steeda Swaybars provide a calculated increase in roll stiffness for improved handling, improved steering response, and offers control of understeer and oversteer for better vehicle balance. They are a must have for the cornering enthusiast and are perfect for street or track use.

What makes the Steeda difference? Simple: Most swaybars available today are made from a solid round bar whose ends are smashed flat and drilled for mounting holes. The drastic change to the cold formed material creates many small microscopic stress fractures. Experienced metallurgists will tell you that whenever you do that, you effectively destroy the structural integrity of the material thereby creating a potentially weak spot or a potential future point of failure.

Our newly designed swaybars are made in the USA in our facility under our very strict quality control using the very best available materials. We do not take ANY shortcuts or compromise on anything – we wouldn’t have it any other way! Our design and manufacturing processes are superior to any other product commercially available today.  Our swaybar ends are precision machined out of an exceptionally strong proprietary material and with the weld joint that structurally bonds the two parts together it actually is stronger then the solid bar itself.   We have NEVER had a structural failure of any sort with any of our swaybars!

As you can see for yourself, making the swaybar is much more complicated than most people think, but critical to the overall success of the part and how it performs when installed in your vehicle. Ensuring that the swaybar has the proper load and torsion capabilities is critical in ensuring that the end result provides the very best chassis dynamics – an integrated harmonic part of the overall vehicle performance. This is where Steeda also has a major competitive advantage because we extensively perform CAD analysis that is supplemented by rigorous on-track testing to ensure the highest level of performance you can expect.

When Ford performance enthusiasts discuss chassis dynamics, it will not take long for the name Steeda Autosports to pop up – and with very good reason. Dario Orlando, a racer who got his start manufacturing components exclusively for Ford Mustangs, founded the company twenty years ago on the premise of engineering and manufacturing the very best products possible for the discerning Ford performance enthusiasts.

If you want the ultimate in suspension upgrades for the street, track, or strip – look no further than Steeda Autosports. We are the Number One in Ford performance parts and vehicles and have won more races and set more track records than all of our competitors combined!