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Steeda Dominates NASA American Iron at Grattan Raceway Park!

Once again, Steeda Autosports prepared Mustangs had an outstanding weekend during the National Auto Sports Association (NASA) Ohio-Indy American Iron Race at the extremely challenging Grattan Raceway Park on June 9th and 10th.

Robin Burnett (Burnett Racing) in his 2005 Steeda Mustang won two races during the weekend, winning the Saturday and Sunday feature events leaving the competition in his dust !   In addition, Robin set a new track record in his qualifying session for the Sunday race by guiding his Steeda Mustang at such a blistering pace that the only competition he had was himself and his teammate’s Steeda Mustangs!

Not to be overlooked or overshadowed, his Burnett Racing teammate & new Steeda hot shoe Aaron Bambach finished an impressive 2nd in both feature events providing a 1-2 podium for Steeda Autosports on Saturday.

Sunday everything even got better when there was a 1-2-3 podium when Rob Brent joined his teammates when he drove his Burnett Racing Steeda Mustang to a 3rd place finish in his first race at the challenging Grattan racetrack.

Once again, Steeda Autosports prepared Mustangs have proven that they are the leaders in production based Mustang races and that they leave the competition where they belong – in their review mirrors!  As a matter of fact, Steeda has won more production based races and set more records than all of our competitors combined. More than Shelby, Roush, and Saleen COMBINED !

Steeda Autosports – Where Speed Matters!


Steeda Autosports – In the News

This summer has been a very busy time for the editors of various enthusiasts publications as they try their hardest to keep up with the Steeda Q-Series vehicles.  Following are just a sampling of some of the publications who have taken the time to notice, drive, and fall in love with the Steeda Q-Series of vehicles.

  • Motor Trend’s website – featuring complete coverage of the Steeda Q-Series vehicles, Historic Steeda vehicles, Camp Steeda,and a “hot one lap around Sebring” in a Steeda Q335
  • Muscle Mustang & Fast Ford (July, 2007) – Cover photography and a great article on the Steeda Q335
  • Mustang Monthly (July, 2007) cover photo and an outstanding article on the Steeda Q335
  • 5.0 Mustang and Super Ford (August, 2007) – more coverage on the Steeda Q335 in an inspiring article
  • Modified Mustangs(August, 2007) – cover photography and an article about Camp Steeda – the performance event for Steeda enthusiasts

So there you have it, independent enthusiasts magazines, the guys that get to drive all of the worlds best automobiles and the same guys that are the harshest critics of performance vehicles – ALL have fallen in love with everything Steeda.  From our outstanding collection of performance enhancing parts and accessories to our serialized Q-Series of vehicles – Steeda performs!

Please take the time and read these publications and see what they have to say about us –or- stop by and see us or any of our authorized dealers for a test drive today.

Steeda Autosports – Where Speed Matters!


Steeda’s Big Showing at 33rd Ford Performance & Shelby Meet

This past weekend several Steeda Mustangs, Fusions, and Focus vehicles were on hand at the annual Ford Performance and Shelby meet in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Weather did not hamper the great open track events or dampen anyone’s spirits as everyone there was high on adrenalin and enjoying the many great performance vehicles that were on hand.  From dominating the open track days at the Hallett Motor Speedway, speeding down the quarter mile dragstrip, or on display at the various parades and car displays, Steeda vehicle were out in force making a dominate presence.

On Thursday and Friday, the Steeda Q-Series of vehicles played with many cars on the track by showcasing their superior road handling manners thanks to their patented G-Trac Suspension Systems.   By incorporating select powertrain changes and concentrating on suspension and chassis dynamics, the Steeda vehicles with their award winning Nitto tires proved that superior vehicle tuning will provide outstanding handling and grip – the keys to success on any road course.

On Saturday at the quarter mile dragstrip Steeda once again demonstrated their devotion to those that love the quarter mile by a series of exhibition runs of the Q335.   Here was a track car showing it’s muscle and stretching it’s legs down the quarter mile.   More proof that Steeda equipped vehicles are fearsome on the street, track, and the dragstrip !

We would like to extend special thanks to Will Williams of Tulsa Car FX, Rick Ciemny of Steeda Midwest, and John Moore of Steeda North for their participation, assistance, and support with this great event.  It is with outstanding partners like these individuals and their respective teams that Steeda is able to achieve it’s great success in the marketplace.

Steeda Autosports — Where Speed Matters !


Steeda Shows Steeda GT500 at Ford Performance & Shelby Meet

Steeda Autosports President Dario Orlando brought out the “heavy gun” during last weekends Ford Performance and Shelby Meet in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Steeda Autosports took the fine platform that Ford Motor Company’s SVT Team and Carroll Shelby developed and performed that special Steeda magic to further transform the stallion into an all out performance vehicle – perfect for the discerning performance enthusiast who wants only the very best in engineering and performance and the ultimate in exclusivity.

Not wanting to rest on their laurels, the Steeda Engineering Team transformed the GT500 to the “Ultimate Level” by using their sophisticated CAD/CAM engineering modeling intelligence, rapid design, and in-house manufacturing capabilities to deliver a completed vehicle worthy of the name:

The Steeda GT500

With powerful engine upgrades and the most extensive suspension upgrades available, the Steeda GT500 is the most finely tuned and best performing GT500 available today!   Included with this upgrade is the all new and patented Steeda Adjustable Suspension System, derived from over one year of research and development, that greatly enhances aggressive performance driving without detracting from ride quality.

Performance modifications made to the vehicle include:



  • Steeda 13” Rear Brake upgrade Kit – Product Link
  • Steeda 14” Slotted Front Rotors and upgraded pads – Product Link



At an upgrade price of $15,595.00, the Steeda GT500 is simply the best performing and most exclusive specialty GT500 available. Contact your local Steeda authorized Ford dealer, or call Steeda directly at 954-960-0774 for more information.

Steeda Autosports: Where Speed Matters!