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7th Annual Steeda Stampede Event a Huge Success

Once again the Steeda Stampede Event attracted Mustang and Ford performance vehicles from all over Florida, the South, Arkansas, New York and Michigan. There were many things to see as some of the best turned out Mustangs, Lightnings, Foci and Shelbys filled every parking space on the Steeda Campus as well as lining the lanes of the complex. Enthusiasts started to arrive early Saturday, groups like came early and were able to park together. This group of patriotic Mustangers conducts a 9/11 Tribute Cruise every September, then donates the proceeds to a 9/11 charity. All their Mustangs look great and go fast.

The Saturday morning activities included campus tours and tech seminars conducted by Steeda President, Dario Orlando. The latest suspension parts were showcased, including the latest 14 inch front brakes with cooling ducts from the Steeda competition front end. One of the most popular tour stops was the Steeda multi-million manufacturing facilities. Here everyone witnessed the remarkable machinery in action, where bars of billet aluminum gets turned into a Steeda shifter or any number of precision manufactured parts. The speed of the operations is amazing and the audience saw first hand how Steeda manufactures more performance parts than all the Ford aftermarket companies combined.
On display were the latest Steeda Mustangs, Focus and Fusion cars. Howard Lucus, the owner of Lucus Ford, Southhold, New York checked his latest Steeda Q, a Vista Blue Metallic Q400. It was shipped to his dealership the following Monday, but not before the car was checked by the Stampede Event attendees who were impressed by the Mustang’s MagnaCharger supercharger.

There were bargains galore in Frank’s Garage where people found everything from slightly used wheels and tires to clutch quadrants and rear end gears.

The event was well covered by the media. Steve Turner, the talented Editor of 5.0 Mustangs & SuperFords magazine came in a day early to check out the many new Steeda parts. Steve was joined by Primedia Performance Automotive Group Publisher Bruce Jones who together with Account Executive Wendy Turner toured the Steeda Campus. Mustang Enthusiast Publisher John Nichols drove in from Lakeland, Florida with Editor Larry Jewett and Associate Editor Denise Rounds. Dennis McGavock, President and Executive Editor of made his first visit to Steeda Autosports and covered the Stampede Event and Ford Power Festival.

The event concluded with a raffle featuring products from Steeda Autosports and the company’s marketing partners. Among the prizes were sets of performance tires from Nitto, BF Goodrich and Goodyear, Steeda suspension parts, a set of rotors from Powerslot, cases of oil from Royal Purple and a full Magna Charger supercharger system from Magnuson.

After a sixty mile trip up Florida’s Turnpike to the Moroso Motorsports Park, enthusiasts enjoyed the Ford Power Festival. This annual event featured a car show where the owners of Steeda vehicles had the opportunity to win the Steeda Best Engineered Award and the Steeda Best of Show Award. Kristin Hill, drove her 2001 Steeda Focus from West Palm Beach to win the Best Engineered Award. Her Focus is equipped with a custom Garrett turbocharger for plenty of go power and the Steeda suspension pieces to allow the car to handle the increased power. A well turned put car that impressed the judges with the attention to detail and the total engineering effort.

A veteran of many Steeda Stampede Events, Rob Golden drove his 2003 Mustang GT from Bradenton, Florida. Rob’s Mustang has a Steeda installed Vortec supercharger along with just about every Steeda performance part in the Mustang catalog. He has very tastefully chromed many of the engine parts, added a stereo/DVD system that is state of the art and has installed Lamborghini doors to complete the custom look. For his efforts Rob Golden took home the Steeda Autosports Best of Show Award. With the number of well turned out Steeda Mustangs and Foci the judges had to work overtime to select both awards.

During drag racing action, Steeda Sales Representive Jason Porcelli, drove the Steeda F-150 Red Thunder for the first time with the MagnaCharger supercharger. With the new power adder the truck was almost one second faster than with the previous Roots type supercharger. The truck also gained 70 horsepower with the Magnacharger.


Steeda Equipped Mustangs Dominate SCCA Run-Offs

Every one of the six Mustangs that finished in the top ten in American Sedan race during the SCCA National Championship Run-Offs were equipped with Steeda Autosports performance parts. They out performed the best Firebird and Camaro competitors in the country. First place finisher on the track, Mike Lavigne fitted his New Hampshire based Mustang with a Steeda front sway bar and told SE Division two time Champion Tom Ellis “My Mustang never handled so well!”

Lavigne backed up his comment with the fastest lap of the race, a full second over the General Motors factory backed Firebird driven by the talented and four time class winner, GM engineer, John Heinricy. Finishing second was Ed Hosni, the 2006 Central Division Champion in his black Fox Body. Hosni is amazing, a racer’s racer! Most competitors at the run-offs have at least one or two crew members. Not Ed, who drove to Topeka, Kansas from Novi, Michigan, crewed the Mustang by himself and then strapped himself in and finished second against the most talented American Sedan competitors from across the country.

Jason Von Kluge finished third in his red Fox Body Mustang. Another competitor from the ultra competitive SCCA Central Division, Jason dialed his Ann Arbor, Michigan based Mustang in during the changing Kansas weather conditions during the week that started out in the 80s and by race day was in the 40s. He qualified 17th then drove through the field to garner a podium finish. Adding to the Steeda equipped Mustangs top ten finishers were Tom Ellis in fifth place. In only his second year of SCCA National competition, the Virginia Gentleman, now residing in Pompano Beach, Florida qualified ninth and was able to move up during the race. As he has all year, Steeda Technician, Chad Coy made sure the Mustang was dialed in all week.

Chad and the Dawson Motorsports crew worked hard as Ellis went faster as the week progressed. The veteran Mustang racer from Slidell, Louisiana, Tom Himes, qualified 19th. During the race Tom knocked over two seconds off his qualifying time and steadily moved up finishing sixth. Rounding out the Steeda equipped Mustang dominance of the top ten was Grand Ledge Michigan’s Andy McDermid in his Mustang. Another hard charger from the SCCA Central Division, Andy drove a steady race in Lane Automotive Mustang to finish eighth.


Steeda Equipped Mustangs Win in NASA American Iron Competition

All across the country, Steeda equipped Mustangs have enjoyed considerable success in NASA American Iron competition. The West Coast American Iron races have been very competitive all season long. Andy Bowman, running out of San Marcos with his Steeda equipped 1999 Cobra has earned one victory and has added a number of second and third place finishes and is locked in a battle for the American Iron West Championship.

Racing at Willow Springs, Button Willow and Infineon Raceway courses, where the 3-4 top cars were all 100th of a second apart in lap times the American Iron West competition is fierce. Steeda equipped racer, Bryan McMillan has been very competitive all season long. The Benica, California based Fox Body Mustang is always in the hunt and has earned a number of podium finishes this season.

Driving the winningest 2006 Mustang in the country, Robin Burnett won the NASA American Ohio/Indiana Divisional Championship, finished second in the Nationals and then beat the National Champion at the season ending races at Putnam Park, Indiana. The number 21 Steeda Mustang driver repeated as the winningest American Iron in the country. During the season, Burnett captured seven poll positions and when asked about the 2006 season had this to say “ Another divisional championship and a second at the Nationals is a great season for me and all the great sponsors that support me, including, Tokico, Tremec, KFP brakes, Sparco, CGM and Jack Demmer Ford”

Also ending the season with podium finishes in both American Iron races at Putnam Park in their Steeda equipped Mustangs were Jeff Feit and Greg Walker. Feit, running out of Northville, Michigan placed second in his 1991 Mustang LX. American Iron newcomer, the Lexington, Kentucky based Walker and his 1997 Mustang earned a third place finish. With Robin Burnett winning, Steeda equipped Mustangs swept the field.