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Have You Seen Her?

It doesn’t matter where you saw her first – at an auto show, in a magazine or on the world wide web. And it doesn’t matter whether you are an automotive engineer who wants to know all of the specifications, or a casual enthusiast who just digs the way she looks, we know there’s one question that’s on every enthusiast’s list is…. “How can I get one?”. We’re happy to report that the ordering process is as simple as the car is beautiful, but first, a little fodder for those engineering types.

The curb appeal of the Torch Red Q gets enhanced from the ground up – starting with the Steeda Ultralite I Wheels, wrapped in high performance rubber like Nitto NT555 – P275/40/ZR18 tires. Ride height is reduced by approximately one full inch without compromising ride quality, thanks to a set of Steeda Sport Springs. When the temptation comes to toss her hard into a corner (as you know it will), the Steeda Strut Tower Brace helps keep everything on the level. Locking lug nuts are included; chrome wheels are an available option.

Steeda’s racing heritage is visible in the body modifications. Both the Front Splitter and the Rear Wing would be at home on one of Team Steeda’s racecars; here they lend a race-hardened edge to the retro-styled ’05. Steeda’s signature graphics, plus a ‘Boss’ blackout treatment of the hood, mirrors and rear valance combine to add timeless good looks.

Steeda helps the stout, Ford 4.6L 3v engine snort more fire via a set of Underdrive Pulleys and the addition of a free-breathing Air Filter. The Steeda axle-back exhaust system aids performance and adds an authoritative tone. All this extra horsepower gets more efficiently applied via the patented, precise Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter. It makes the job of swapping cogs less like rowing a boat, and more like flipping a switch.

The shifter is topped with an ergonomically designed, Steeda Signature Shift Knob. A set of embroidered Steeda Floor Mats rounds the package out. Thus Steeda style is found in, under and around the entire car, while the price remains within reach. This full compliment of Steeda enhancements results in an MSRP of only $32,484.00, putting it on par with performance models available from the factory in recent years, such as the Mach 1. Ordering yours is easy, and can be fun as well.

Start with a visit to your favorite Ford Dealership, and order your Mustang GT. Let them know your plans, and they will schedule the car to be drop-shipped straight from the Ford Factory in Flat Rock, MI to the Steeda Campus in Pompano Beach, FL. Here, the technicians that work on your car are the same ones who turn wrenches on Team Steeda’s Racecars, so your pony is in good hands. With all appearance, performance and handling installations done on-site, the workmanship is second to none, and all Steeda parts carry a three year, 36,000 mile warranty.

Upon successful completion of a thorough road test, each car gets a pair of Serialized Badges (one for the dash, the other is applied to the firewall) identifying it as a Steeda Q, and is made ready for shipment back to the ordering dealer… or not, for those who just can’t wait to get behind the wheel! The fun starts sooner for those owners who elect to fly down to Florida, take a tour of the Steeda Campus, and then make the maiden voyage in their Steeda Q a glorious road trip home.

As you can see, the “How” can be answered easily with a call to New Vehicle Specialist Mike Morella at Steeda Autosports (954)-960-0774, or with a visit to your Local Ford Dealer. Then all that remains is the devilish question of “When”.

The Fast Track

Exterior Appointments:

Aerodynamic & Styling Enhancements:

  • Steeda Designed Front Splitter
  • Steeda Street Performance Wing
  • Steeda Sidewinder Graphics Package
  • Black Hood, Mirror & Rear Valance Paint

Wheels & Tires:

  • 18 x 9 Steeda Ultralite I Wheels
  • Nitto NT555 – P275/40/ZR18 Tires

Interior Appointments:


  • Steeda Tri-Ax® Shifter (US Patent Applied For)
  • Steeda Signature Billet Shift Knob (5 Speed Only)
  • Steeda Embroidered Floor Mats


  • Steeda Sport Springs
  • Steeda Strut Tower Brace


  • Steeda-Engineered Axle-Back Exhaust System
  • Steeda Performance Air Filter Kit
  • Steeda Underdrive Pulleys
  • Exclusive Calibration through the Ford Technology Transfer Program

Steeda SYQ Steals the Show at SEMA 2004!

Ford and SEMA celebrated Mustang’s 40th Birthday at the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, this past November 2-5 with the reveal of 15 all new 2005 Mustangs created by the industry’s leading high-performance tuners and specialty manufacturers. Steeda Autosports was very proud to be chosen to participate. The company engineered and developed the 2005 Screamin’ Yellow Q, a road hungry, high performance Mustang that looks as fast standing still as it does at speed.

Working with the Ford Motor Company engineers through the Ford/SEMA Technology Transfer Program, the Steeda was fully calibrated and ready to be driven. All the components of the Q are parts everyone can purchase, not one of a kind concept offerings. Rated at 335 horsepower, the Q was called upon by Ford to participate in the company’s opening press conference, not only on stage, where the Q and Steeda President Dario Orlando were introduced by Greg Smith, Ford Motor Company executive vice president and president, the Americas, but also the drive portion of the program. It was here that Ford executives and members of the press would be able to experience the superior handling and drivability of the 2005 Steeda Screamin’ Yellow Q.

For over two and one half hours the Q performed flawlessly, as Charles Espenlaub, Panoz Driving School instructor and driver of the Steeda production based race car , the famed number 20, turned in lap after lap. The Steeda’s deep throaty exhaust note sent a message that this Steeda Mustang loves to be driven and hard. The new Nitto tires were more than up to the task as even the most ardent drifting enthusiast was impressed by the Q and it’s excellent drifting characteristics. Ford executives like Chris Theodore, vice president, Advanced Product Creation were impressed with the power and excellent handling of the Steeda Q. They also praised the clean, performance oriented styling of the latest Q Mustang from Steeda, as it enhances the bold styling of the all new 2005 Mustang. Dario Orlando stated when asked about the new Steeda Q 335, ” We are a performance company and that is exactly how we engineer, design and build our Mustangs and indeed all of our Steeda performance components”.

Later in the week the Screamin’ Yellow Q was showcased at Ford Motor Company Mustang 40th Celebration Party where the Beach Boys were the featured attraction and highlight of the evening’s activities. The affair demonstrated just how well the Ford Motor Company understands and has embraced the aftermarket. Steeda Autosports appreciates this fact and appreciates its opportunity to work closely with Ford on numerous initiatives.

Both the Steeda Mustangs have extensive show schedules. The Screamin’ Yellow Q has been chosen by Ford Motor Company to be on display at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, January 15-23.

Next month, the Mustang will be exhibited in the Steeda display at the Performance Racing Industry Show to be held December 9-11 in Indianapolis.

The Red Q will be featured at the Los Angeles Auto Show January 7-16, in the Nitto Tire exhibit. It will the start of a busy year for Steeda Autosports and their exciting performance offerings.